List 5 facts about you, your story, and your characters [updated!]

Mostly drunken partying, people crying music, people grinding and the odd poker game.

Degenerates lol jk just mostly normal adults, except L8 Lounge is more upmarket and exclusive. It attracts more sort of elite people from Premier City.

All the time, that’s why Evander mans the floor on big events, along with the security team.

He opened one called Fast Love in 1995, and that ran until 1999, before being rebranded as Scene. It closed down in 2007, after a disagreement over ownership with him and his ex-parter, Rogelio Van Der Waal after they broke up.

He wanted to create a wild, inclusive party scene and have a good time and make some serious money with a gap in the market he found. Premier City needed a good party scene, past the usual dive bars and clubs and Marty saw the opportunity and people enjoyed his clubs, so they expanded over time.

Yeah, because of how he handled his friend, Jose when he had an outburst, and also because he how he acted all the times he visited Midnite Train and the club before Fuego, Sensual.

:smirk: You never know, with Marty. He’s always scheming. There could be more than one reason with him.

Because he has proven himself to him in the past that Marty can trust him, and because Evander and he have become close–like a father, son relationship sorta. Evander has a perfect track record of tidying up his messes also.

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Five Facts About Me:

  1. My favorite story to tell about myself is the one where my family and I were in a fishing boat crash. ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ
  2. I have a twin sister. No, we can’t read each other’s minds. (We get asked that a lot lol.)
  3. I turned thirty last year, and I’m honestly pretty stoked about it. :smiley:
  4. I’m getting my fourth tattoo in two months.
  5. I refuse to eat foods with seeds in them, because seeds are disgusting.

Five Facts About My Story:

  1. I first started working on it in 2021 for ONC. The first draft was like 25k words. The current draft is 130k words.
  2. It was originally meant to be a challenge to myself and features stuff i struggle with writing such as: First person POV, a female lead, more emphasis on romance, a desert setting (I don’t like deserts…), etc…
  3. It also features everything I wanted/like from stories: Ghosts/dead characters, swords/blades being used in modern settings/time periods, dark urban fantasy, taking place in an afterlife…
  4. I never predicted just how I much I would obsess/enjoy this dumb series, as when I first started writing it, I was already knee-deep in writing another series that I thought was my favorite thing ever. (That series has since been thrown in the trash and abandoned lol).
  5. I have villain characters that are nicknamed Inky, Blinky, Pinky, and Clyde by the main cast, and I thought that was really cute at first, but now I’m regretting that decision when I have to type out those stupid nicknames during tense fight scenes. :upside_down_face:

Five Facts About My Character, Blackburne:

  1. He accidentally exploded an entire city and killed thousands of people.
  2. He killed his son twice.
  3. One of the first things that happens to him after he arrives in the afterlife is that he gets mauled by a lion.
  4. He used to be a knight who died in battle centuries ago. Nowadays, he thinks he’s god and can turn into a kaiju.
  5. He keeps a sliver of his own heart in a jar. That sliver is…kind of alive.
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Five Facts about me:

  1. I have three Huskies, two cats, and a chinchilla.

  2. There’s three other families who ended up moving in with my family along with their pets for various reasons, including my parents wanting to help them.

  3. When I was seven we moved with our dog and cat at the time.

  4. Four of the things I’m scared of make no sense.

  5. I have so many stuffed animals that I needed to get bins just to hold them all.

Five Facts about one of my few non-fanfic stories:

  1. Creatures like unicorns and dragons are used for things like transport or, depending on the creature, food.

  2. People have a coming-of-age ceremony that involves eating an extremely spicy berry.

  3. The main group in the story ends up with a dog joining and helping them, and a cat starts following them around, because animals also have magic in the series.

  4. People have to be careful because using too much magic too quickly can make them sick.

  5. There’s one area in the world which has a small looking spruce tree, but it’s actually giant and hollowed out inside and acts as an emergency shelter.

Five Facts about my character Yarrow:

  1. He can actually speak to unicorns.

  2. He’s the one who made the emergency shelter.

  3. He can teleport, and he ends up where the main group is going multiple times in order to help them along.

  4. He’s around 107 years old.

  5. He developes new magic later on in the third book.

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Yeah ok so bc I’m a student at the same high school but leading the class, I basically teach the class without actually being a teacher lol.

Most recently, I designed an app that will search wikipedia for a word you want to find. (I.e., if I want to find “president,” it will find an article containing the word ‘president’).

Well, it hasn’t changed in several years lol. I just wish they were in season already :frowning:

Mmm! Depends on where you go.

In Zeneste, Economics, Statistics, Medical Biology, and Sociology are some of the most prestigious classes, but in Atepsi, the most prestigious include Electrochemistry, Calculus, History, and Argumentative Writing.

Oh absolutely they do lol. I think they’d be friends haha. Kinda like a mind-reading mirror where they’re constantly accidentally reading each other’s minds.

Slim to none, but they get better at just ignoring thoughts (like ignoring passerbys’ conversations).

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Here we go!


Comments and questions!

Oh that’s cool! :grin: What got you interested in those areas?

Geckos are cute! How old is he?

Have you ever tried oil pastels? There was time I was interested in them.

That’s cool. I can identify flowers to some extent but not as much as I hope to. I don’t know the difference between a violet and a pansy :stuck_out_tongue: So, what are the most common plants in your area and what are some of the rarer ones?

That’s so cool! :grin:

lol, that’s awesome XD

I think writers, to some extent, end up subconsciously writing characters like themselves, even when they didn’t mean to. When I figured out I was asexual, I realized that Pinti and I have similar ideas about romance making Pinti asexual :stuck_out_tongue:

I want to go there XD What’s there? Can you tell me one thing?

And curious, what does Luca Thompson think of the Bermuda Triangle and the lost city of Atlantis?



What’s on the farm? How many animals and what kinds?
What are the pros and cons of living on a farm?

Interesting. I’m the opposite a lot of the time :stuck_out_tongue:

I like that. Sounds awesome. What’s your favorite one you did?

Oh my gosh. But why that number?


Questions and comments!

If she just turned 31, she and I are the same age :stuck_out_tongue: I will be “just turning 31” this year :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

oh my gosh, maybe that’s the book :stuck_out_tongue: Were you devastated when it was stolen?

I want to ask one thing about hotels:
Hotel running is a major, major deal. There’s so much that goes into it. What are some things that people might not know about that goes on behind the scenes of running a hotel?

Clones of what? Humans?

Or both blind and deaf? Do you know about Helen Keller?
Also, curious, what would be your response to people who say that you’re writing a book with diverse characters only for the sake of having diversity?

Is there an actual villain or not really?

I’m twisting the chosen one, too! :grin: But different from yours’. Do the other people in his group realize he’s not the chosen one at any time or do they all think he’s the chosen one? Even the real chosen one?

Do they get along well? Does the dragon talk? Does the dragon have a name? Does she ride the dragon?

So, about Victoria, is she going to have a POV in the first story?


Questions and stuff!

What a lovely meaning! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

How do the pirates travel? By airship? I’m imagining everyone in the skylands use some form of flight for travel.

How did her parents meet and fall in love? I can kinda guess, but I wanted to ask :stuck_out_tongue:

About your 5th one, that’s cool! :grin:


Questions and things!

Aw :pleading_face: Are you getting it fixed? Or getting a new one?

If you don’t mind my asking, what was this like growing up? Did people understand this? And curious, so, you don’t even talk to yourself out loud? What do you do in a situation where someone isn’t getting it that you’re mute? If you don’t feel comfortable talking about this, you don’t have to :blush:


Your questions and some comments!

Hobby or serious endeavor? Posting it online or keeping it to yourself for personal fun?

What’s your fondest memory of Poland?

That’s cool :open_mouth: What were the records for?

I’m sure there is. There’s an audience for everything. Would you say your story is more psychological with paranormal elements?

I’m glad to see someone else has done something like this. A writer once told me that it’s impossible for a story of mine to happen during a span of four days, and I should make my story happen over a longer period of time. But when you think about it, a day is pretty long. A lot of things can happen.

I’ve seen horror movies that happen over the course of two days.

The reality of life portrayed here :clap: Sometimes this happens. People can develop unhealthy coping mechanisms.


We mind 50+ sheep (cant atm because neighbour is a dick) and used to have 5-7 horses. Theres also the local wildlife: wombats, echidnas, kangaroos, wallabies, frogs, birds, emus, deer

Pros: Quiet, lots of privacy, very few random people knocking at the door, big space during lockdowns, great view

Cons: Middle of nowhere, nearest town is an hour away, nearest city is 3 hours away, very few people willing to visit, near impossible to get car/house/animal maintenance

When my MC Amneris hears about her prophecy: What is this, fantasy novel??? That doesnt happen in real life!

Asmea about fellow villains falling into a trap: Have you people never seen an action movie???

Aurora, my third MC from a different series, spends her entire narration just complaining about cliches and plot convenience

Because that is the one the random number generator chose :relieved:

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Two more!


Comments and Qs

Then let me ask you questions you might not get often.

What are the differences between you and your sister?
Would you be able to fool people if you switched places?
Have you seen The Parent Trap?

If you turned 30 last year… you and I are the same age :grin:

Cool! What do tattoos mean to you? What does it mean to get a tattoo for you?

So, no watermelon, tomato, melon, strawberry, or oranges? Grapes?

I don’t like grapes with seeds. I eat seedless grapes :wink:

The increase XD That’s a big jump. Did you ever think it would get this big?

I like deserts! In fact, Elgana has a lot of desert land.

lol XD I just imagined it.

I drew my sword as Inky came at me from the front. Blinky swung his axe behind. I dodged it, nearly falling victim to Pinky.


It’s epic.

You can always ween them off the nicknames when they call each other by name. Pinti nicknamed two characters by their voices calling one as Husky and the other using falsetto as Backwards. Then when they called each other by name, she switched over.

Where did the lion come from? :stuck_out_tongue:


Comments and questions for you!

What are their names and ages?

I’m curious now. Would you mind sharing? If it makes sense to you, that’s all that matters.

Here’s mine: I’m scared of laying on my back where the ceiling is too high or when I’m outside because I’m afraid that I’ll fall up. I know it won’t happen, but it terrifies me.

SAME XD Most of them are at my parents’ house right now :stuck_out_tongue: I have a hundred beanie babies…but that’s just beanie babies :wink:

What creatures are for food?

Can the animals talk?

Oooh, that’s interesting. What do you mean by “too much magic too quickly”? Could you give an example?

I love that name :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

That’s cool. Do unicorns communicate in the same way humans do? Like, do they have the same vocabulary or sentence structure?

He’s that old, but does he look that old?


Sounds like something my Sorcerers would love to attend. They have a class called Aesthetic Debate where they debate on the aesthetics of things. It’s wild.

Hota should watch out for Jack though because Jack is good at manipulating people and situations to his favor :smirk:

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Aurora would get along well with one of my characters from another story then…Bethany reads lots of books and has lots of questions when she ends up in a fantasy world. Like, no way did their clothes just change into something more fitting for this era. What is this, some kind of fantasy adventure? Am I the main character? That would be odd.

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Well, we’re fraternal, so we don’t look alike at all :laughing:
But we’re not too different. We both have similar hobbies and interests. I’m right handed, and she’s left handed. I have brown hair, and she’s red-headed. I’m 5’2 and she’s…shorter lol.

Absolutely not lol

Yup! Waaaaay back when I was a kid lol.

I think our birthdays are close, too! Mine is Oct 22.

My tattoos don’t have any special meanings, except for my first one that I got when I was 18. Kinda regret that one, just because I drew it myself and I hate the art now LOL. (It’s also huge too, it goes up my entire side.) It’s a tiger with a tree growing out of it, and it’s supposed to mean…life. …Or something. idk lol.

The others I got just because I like the concepts and they’re images i’ve been fixated on for a while.

Watermelon, melon, and oranges are fine because those seeds are big enough to pick out (and i will absolutely pick out every one!). The others are gross lol.

Nope! I thought it was just going to stay a one-and-done stand-alone novella, but then I kept adding to it and now it’s part of a series with the second book awaiting edits too. I was hoping it wouldn’t go over 100k words, but here we are. :upside_down_face:

Nice! That’s the donut rings world, right? Is one of the rings completely desert?

That’s exactly how it goes down! :see_no_evil:

Well, in order to do that, I’d have to actually give them real names first lol. :sweat_smile:
Most of the time I just refer to them as their role in the group (example: “The archer,” or “the mace-wielder”).

It wandered into the kingdom from the desert. The king keeps it as a pet afterward lol.

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I was going to make Aurora like that in the crossover book but decided not to go too crazy otherwise the story would just be her calling things out :joy:

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Omg so true

I’ve basically decided that magic operates like a science in Meiste due to the pioneers of one old scientist haha

:upside_down_face: well that clears things up lol

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I have once upon a time sang professionally in a nightclub for a while. Feels like a lifetime ago.
Nowadays, I sing in my car. :joy:
Or occasional karaoke.

I rarely pull out the guitar nowadays. My fingertips have grown soft. But I can still play.

I’ve never posted any of that online. I’m a bit camera adverse so I don’t know if I’ll ever do that.

Got lots. I guess time spent with friends is usually on the top of my list.
I was the guitar player. Guitar players get invited to bonfires, etc, to provide entertainment.
It’s a weird experience to describe what it was like to be somewhat popular without being popular. I guess it’s a lot more chill. High school was a great time for me. Lots of underage drinking though.

This was back in Poland too.
One was walking backwards. We did 15 km. I’m sure it’s been broken many times by now.

The other was a new category we created. For 24hrs we did these scouts songs and dances. Think “If you’re happy and you know it” type of songs with clapping hands, knees, and all sorts of silly hand gestures. :joy: We did it in groups and took turns, but yes, 24 hours of that silliness. I don’t know if anyone dared to break that record.

Yes. It’s very psychological.

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Lilac, who’s a gray and white husky with heterochromia (2 years), Wolf, who’s a black and white husky with blue eyes (5 years), and Cinnamon, who’s a red and white husky with brown eyes (7 years).

ahem well there’s fishing cats, chives, sail boats, and dirt-

beanie babies are awesome

dragons, griffins, and also the normal animals like chickens and cows

no, but they can think like humans and know what things are (like fences and tables).

like, if someone has ice magic and tries to create a huge blizzard all at once instead of slowly building it up, or if someone tries to heal multiple people at the same time instead of one at a time.

yeah, they have the same vocabulary and everything.

he doesn’t look extremely young (like 20) but he doesn’t look 107 years old either.

I’d say he looks around 40.

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Yes, they travel by airship…some of them do.

They found each other in a weird situation. They met each other again when Jorildyn was an infant stranded in an abandoned location of wrecked pirate ships that have been there for a very long time. Jorildyn’s adoptive parents were once friends who became enemies due to something happening. So, they met again to try and kill each other, what caused the fight to stop was little baby Jorildyn crying. Her father always wanted to be a parent, but since he was a pirate captain, that wasn’t easy. As for her mother, she kept her distance from children because of some traumatic event in her life. Jorildyn’s father, Zavis and her mother, Lyria went into an argument over who should take care of little Jorildyn or what to do with her. Eventually, Zavis and Lyria decided to care for Jorildyn but they never married or anything. They are only together for Jorildyn’s and some other adopted kid named Maverick’s sake.

Yet that changes over time because they eventually mend their broken bridges and start liking each other a bit.

However, Jorildyn isn’t a normal being, so she can read that her parents aren’t too in love with each other. They like each other not love each other.

Maverick doesn’t understand that until he is old enough to see it.

So, yeah, that’s it?

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Mine is Oct 23! :grin:

That’s cool to think that somewhere in the world, you were born, then a day later, I was born.

That is a lot of space. Aren’t there tattoo artists that can sort of “redo” tattoo art? Sort of like fixing it without erasing it? Have you thought about doing that or not so much?

It is! The First Ring, I think, is completely desert. I say “I think” because I haven’t had a story where people travel the entire First Ring yet. But a vast majority is dry lands.

That’s an awesome pet :grin: What does he name him?

That sounds like fun. Do they tell you what to play or you just decide on the spot?

I actually have a story where an MC is the guitar player for parties. Even his own birthday party :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow. But I have heard of a walking backwards record. I can’t remember how long it was. Did you have to have people behind you directing you?

That’s awesome XD I guess the best way to set a world record is to make up your own category. How’d you come up with it?

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They all sound so cute and pretty :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

What about the cats and chinchilla?

Yes, they are. Not the current ones. The old, 90s ones :wink:

Ooooh, I don’t think I’ve ever heard of dragons as food. So, what part of the dragon? All of it? But if they breathe fire, isn’t the fire breathing part dangerous?

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It’s very much “a culture” thing. In Polish culture, it’s a very common thing for a bunch of friends to get together in the middle of nowhere where they can drink and party without supervision. You don’t need electricity or anything fancy. Just invite someone with a guitar (or maybe more than one!), someone needs to pitch in for some cheap drinks, and things will happen. Once everyone has a few, everything loosens up and they joins in, singing the songs everyone’s familiar with. The more drinking, the less shy people get and even if they’re tone deaf, they sing along.

Which songs? Sometimes there are requests, sometimes I’d just sing whatever I wanted to or I’d just play something random without singing. I’d go for the songs I’m more certain others know because it’s always more fun in company. I’m not into giving concerts. :sweat_smile: I’m not exactly shy but I don’t like being the center of attention either.

No, not really. There were a lot of us taking part. Maybe 20? Not everyone went the same speed. Eventually, little groups formed. The way that Guiness works is that you announce your goal (15 km) and then you go for it. If you don’t reach it, you don’t break the record. If you reach it, you break it. We had some people that continued walking and did about 20 km but that didn’t matter because the goal was 15 (I believe the previous goal was 12.5 km).

There was a radio station providing coverage (I still have the tshirt with the radio’s logo), and I think there was someone that served the role of a neutral party to ensure that there was no cheating but they couldn’t stay with all groups so I’m guessing that they just picked one group and followed them.

Interesting observations:

  1. Walking backwards isn’t hard. You get used to it.
  2. My shoes afterwards were worn out very strangely. Makes sense as my walking direction was wrong.
  3. We passed by this little village and the kids ran out of their house to ask us why we were walking backwards. It must have been bewildering to see groups of people walk backwards past their house. :rofl: Like you’re stuck in the twilight zone.

It was the local scout group that came up with the idea and got it all set up. My friend was in that troupe. I was just invited as a guest.

omg, I found one of the songs we did.

So just imagine 24 hours of kids/teenagers doing that. There were several different songs but it got very repetitive quickly.

EDIT: adding translation.

Brace yourself for "Donna"

On the table there’s milk, on the milk there’s a froth
And I keep waiting for my lover.
And under the balcony of a beautiful Donna
A knight plays a mandolin on his horse.
Oh, beautiful Donna, become my wife
Oh, beautiful Donna, become my wife.
And the beautiful Donna, very moved
Fell off the balcony into his arms.
But the knight on a horse didn’t catch Donna
Because Donna weighed three tons.
And she said, very angrily
I don’t want you, you airhead.
And the knight, very offended
Rode his horse far away.

Buahaha. It sounds even worse in English.

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Haha, that is cool!

I’ve thought about it, but I’d rather devote time and effort (and money lol) to new tattoos rather than updating old ones. Plus it’s on my ribs, which hurt a lot. :sweat_smile:

Ehhh well, I’m sure the king names him something, but in the narrative the lion never really gets a name, haha. He’s only in two scenes and then the whole kingdom and everyone in it is destroyed shortly after :\

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