List 5 facts about you, your story, and your characters [updated!]

Doesn’t have to be fun facts. Idk about you, but I blank out when someone asks me for “fun facts” :sweat_smile: What’s considered fun for you might be different for me.

So tell me 5 facts about you, 5 about your story (anything about it, even the world), and 5 about whichever character of yours’ you want.

Based on that, I might ask questions :wink:

UPDATE: You can update your facts by answering again. Here’s mine.



Alr some things about me:

  1. I lead a linguistics class at school!
  2. I do a lot of coding
  3. I love boats/swimming/water
  4. My favorite food is still cherries lol
  5. I can get by in 3 languages.

Some things abt Meiste:

  1. There are four major language familes.
  2. Magic holds Meiste together (literally)
  3. The biggest issue in Meiste in the “present” is integrating magic with electronic technology.
  4. It depends on where you go, but in Meiste there are many virtual secondary schools.
  5. There are several prestigious schools for magic in Meiste lol.

Ok so I’ll talk about Hota bc I love them:

  1. Hota is the Hero of Mind–so they’re the most powerful Mind magician in Meiste.
  2. Hota’s really into theology and studying religion–they wind up leading their own religious seminars by the end of their arc.
  3. They’re constantly embarrassed because they hear people’s thoughts just as speech, which means they usually know more than they should.
  4. They love teal and deep orange, so they’re usually wearing eyeshadow or a dress with either color.
  5. Finally… they’re super tall lol, they’re 6’ 2".

I shall return my dear.

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Five facts about Premier City and the characters [Marty and Evander]

  • Premier City is broken up into eight districts/areas (Dominican Heights, 6th and Central, Party District, O’Brien’s Docklands, Northland, Southside, Eastern Borderline, and Coney’s Islands).

  • Marty owns three clubs, one in Dominican Heights called Fuego, and the other two are in the Party District and are called Midnite Train, and L8 Lounge. He’s hoping to open one up called PartyTime in 6th and Central, targeting wealthy businessmen.

  • Evander is named after Evander Holyfield, his deceased Dad’s favorite boxer.

  • Marty used to own a club with his ex-lover and business partner, Rogelio Van Der Waal and it fell through when they broke up and fell out over money issues.

  • Evander has been in jail for a year, for assault charges. Ironically, it was at one of Marty’s clubs. When he got out of jail, Marty hired him as a bouncer after seeing how he handled his best friend’s temper tantrum and has been there ever since, now as Marty’s right hand man after a promotion.


5 Facts about me:

  1. I am trans (ftm).
  2. I do text based role play on other sites.
  3. I’ve always been able to pick out and sing the harmony in songs, even if there isn’t one, I can make one up that sounds good with the melody.
  4. The funnest job I’ve ever had was working at a trampoline park.
  5. My favorite food is sushi and my favorite drink is soda of any kind or thai iced tea.

5 Facts about my story:

  1. It’s a science fiction, but I want it to be easy for everyone to understand, so I’m avoiding too much technical language, as is the trope for that genre.
  2. I plan to use a lot of religious imagery and parallels in it (I’m not religious myself, I just think it makes for interesting literature. It’ll probably end up being more blasphemous than anything, honestly.)
  3. There will be 3 books in my story, making it a series. The first one will be called Synthetic: Genesis, the second Synthetic: Exodus, and the third Synthetic: Revelations (more of that religious paralleling). I refer to the whole trilogy as the Synthetic Series.
  4. There will be Synthetic humans, Aliens, and Space travel themes in my story.
  5. Despite being an organic species, the aliens are compatible with human technology. For instance, they communicate using concepts rather than language and transfer those thoughts to each other via bluetooth or internet connection. This makes them similar to the Synthetics in a way, because Synthetic Humans are A.I. with a few cybernetic parts put into a genetically engineered, organic body. They’re both “alive” and machine at the same time.

5 Facts about my characters:

  1. My MC, Alma, is a Synthetic Human and the first fully functioning prototype of his kind. He has a “soul” for lack of a better term. His name, coincidentally, means “to nurture the soul”, which is fitting because he is going to help nurture that quality in others of his kind and will become a sort of Messiah to them.
  2. Errol is a secondary MC that will be the yin to Alma’s yang. He functions as a sort of false prophet in the story, as compared to Alma’s Messiah role. He encourages Alma to think of himself as a god, as well as claiming to be one himself and wants them to lead their people against humans in war so they can become the dominant species.
  3. Brook-Lynn young is also a secondary MC that is the love interest to Alma. She’s a human though and acts as his moral compass, trying to bring him back from Errol’s corruption and teach him to coexist with humans and have a peaceful, symbiotic relationship with them.
  4. I kind of have it in my head that, with the religious imagery in mind, Alma is the father, Errol is the son, and Brook-lynn is the holy spirit, completing the trinity. Because eventually Errol will be knocked down a peg and be humbled, and then take his place as someone that actually helps instead of being more of an antagonistic character. This probably won’t happen until the third book though.
  5. I plan on Alma starting off as a “good guy” then taking a corruption arc, where he becomes a villain of sorts, then swinging back around in the last book to being a “good guy” again. I think it will be interesting to have a main character that isn’t always the positive, perfect, likable character the whole story. I want him to be deeply flawed and really have to struggle with his morality. It also helps with the theme I plan to keep for both Alma, Errol, and several other characters of being able to redeem themselves despite having done bad things. That people are allowed to make mistakes as long as they try to better themselves after, sort of like a phoenix rising from the ashes. I like the quote “Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future,” and would like to use it in my book at some point if I can find the source. It fits that theme I’m trying to get across quite nicely. I’m rambling at this point though, so I’ll shut up now.

Me: I feel old. I am fat. I tend to hold a slight grudge when people are offended for my sake. No I dont spend all my time talking about that. Oh, and my husband peeled out the driveway on nothing (skidding gravel) over a month after he fussed me for doing the same and I had fun rubbing his nose in that one.

The current story is on Daniel Faith and meeting his nightmare. The nominally female monster and him have a uneasy chemistry. No, they ain’t getting together. He’s currently in jail with a stab wound. Oh, and the monsters can become a pile of snakey vines.

The character I’m needing to think about is Bunin the Sane. He’s a Djinn whose “home” is a book. He’s apparently hot to Greek gods, but can pull off scary-ugly when he wants to. He’s bound to Hephasteus. He’s been tasked with scaring the snot out of one of Hephe’s great-grandkids to push them into socializing to get away from the “Love Djinn”. He cares about the kid and keeps warning Hephe that he was being quite a dysfunctional Greek god.


5 facts about me:

  • Come September, I’ll be working towards a degree in Forest Sciences and Environmental Conservation
  • I have a pet crested gecko named Fred
  • Along with writing, I’ve tried my hand at pretty much every other art form out there aside from like. The drawing/painting ones.
  • I’ve gotten pretty good at foraging around my area, and have a knack for identifying local plants
  • I’m a lifeguard

5 facts about my story:

  • It’s gonna be a podcast!! I’ve written the first season and a half, and hope to start recording soon after IB exams.
  • It’s about a conspiracy theory that I straight up just made up but that sounds weirdly like a conspiracy theory people would have-
  • The conspiracy theory and worldbuilding was all based on a dream I had once like two years ago. I woke up and did a bunch of googling after because I wasn’t quite sure if I’d made it up or not in the haze of just-woken-up brain fog. I had, in fact, made it up, much to my confusion.
  • I wrote the first two and a half episodes on a plane in early 2022, then didn’t touch the story for like a year, and only just came back to it
  • It’s somewhere between paranormal, sci-fi, and urban fantasy.

5 facts about my characters:

  • I am neurodivergent, bi, on the aro/ace spectrums, and have continuously gone through a bit of a gender crisis since like 8th grade. I didn’t realize any of these things until grades 11/12, so fairly recently, and just assumed literally everyone was like that. Looking back on every character I’ve ever written, they are all coded as at least 2 or 3 of the things I’ve mentioned before. I straight up just don’t know how to write characters who aren’t in some way neurodivergent, bi, aro-ace, and confused about gender.
  • Luca Thompson, the narrator of my story, got a degree in Statistics because their family has been haunted by media coverage their whole life and they figured it was the most boring thing they could do.
  • They’re naturally inquisitive (and they resent themself for it.)
  • They are the current owner of Lady Friday’s Mystic Museum of the Unexplained
  • Despite believing in (and owning quite a few) magical/paranormal/supernatural relics and items, they absolutely do not believe in the main conspiracy theory haunting this story, claiming it’s dumb, poorly thought-through, and and impossible to prove.

Five Facts About Me

  • I look a lot younger than I am
  • I am an astrophysics nerd who has a degree in Creative Writing
  • I live on a farm in the middle of nowhere
  • Published on Amazon and Kindle :partying_face:
  • I can graphic design for myself but it comes out terrible if I do it for someone else :joy:

Five Facts About My Story

  • Creation = Megaverse (but it does go beyond that MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA)
  • By the time we get to Book 3 of one of my series, there are over 10 main characters
  • A lot of it is taking the piss out of writing cliches
  • The God Worlds have been around for [checks notes] over 757 Billion years and have been at war for most of that time
  • Let’s just say the family tree is interesting :joy:

I promise I will return.

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  1. I practically grew up in hotels. My mom is a general manager for hotels by trade, so I grew up travelling across the US and basically living in hotels. We have lived in apartments and houses and mobile homes, but hotels was like the main thing.

  2. I am nearly the youngest in the family, and randomly born on the opposite side of the country. Okay, so before my dad met my mom, he had a wife (ex-wife now) that I’ve never met before and they had a kid named Ryan. Also never met. Ryan today would be in his late 30s. I’m actually not too sure when he was born or where he was born—my dad doesn’t like to talk about it. Then when my parents met, my mom had six children: the oldest, Dirk, died when he was six, in 1994 (before I was born). He’d be turning 35 in August, and was born in California. Then my oldest sister, Cassy, who just turned 31 and was born in Reno (Nevada). My second oldest sister, Rachelle, will be turning 30 this November and was born in Las Vegas. My second (or technically third) oldest brother, Buddy, who will be turning 28 at the end of May and was also born in Las Vegas (same hospital). Then me, just turned 26, and was born in South Carolina. And then my little sister, Melissa, who is turning 17 in August and was also born in California (same hospital as Dirk). Crazy, right? Not only that but my dad was born in Indiana, but grew up mostly in southern California when he was adopted. My mom was born and raised around Los Angeles. So it’s really weird that I’m the outcast lol

  3. My mom helped me self-publish a collection of poems for my thirteenth birthday. A friend of hers bought it and gave it to me, and then I took it to school where my friends boasted about it all over campus to our teachers and peers. It was to a point where I got my five minutes of fame because we had a seventh grade assembly that day and my Wednesday’s homeroom teacher (also an English teacher, so I’m sure she felt proud) who found out about it had ended the assembly by saying “And our very own student has published a book!” And after that, I was bombarded by questions and people wanting to read it. I felt so embarrassed but also kind of cool lol. The book was later stolen from my locker that year, and about a year ago, I found a “used” copy on Amazon for 30 dollars. xD

  4. I’ve done a few different jobs in the past. My first job was when I was nineteen and I was a dishwasher for a restaurant in one of my mom’s hotels. My second one was being a reservastionist for another hotel my mom worked at. And then I was a pool attendant (glorified lifeguard). A breakfast attendant for a hotel. And then the night auditor which was my last job. Now, I work at a library as a library assistant, and even though some days can be hard, it is far better than all of them (though I do miss having four hours of doing nothing but watching TikToks lol). It’s also the most fun and creative because I get to do displays and now I’m managing our TikTok account where I create videos. c:

  5. I was born with a very small head. So small, in fact, that the doctors said I might’ve not made it because my brain could grow faster than my skull. Apparently, I’m fine though. As I’m still living lol. I also got a cat-scan when I was fourteen after passing out once (my sister thought I was having a seizer, but the doctors said that I fainted due to loss of blood flow, which was the first time out of twice that’s happened) and the doctors said there was nothing wrong with me, so… :woman_shrugging: And while I haven’t been diagnosed or looked at or anything, a part of me believes that I’m Autistic or at least on the spectrum. I may also be neurodivergent, but again, I wouldn’t know. :sweat_smile:


  1. It’s YA sci-fi fantasy where both genres clash amongst each other. There’s aliens, some of which are magical creatures. There’s dragons, sirens, clones, advanced technology, it takes place in the future, and more. There’s also dark themes, but it doesn’t really turn itself into dark fantasy until the second book because my character gets turned into a monster (my take on a vampire).

  2. The story has a large cast of characters and the story is the first I’ve written with a very diverse cast. My previous one had a diverse casting, but the majority of these characters are POC (though the story doesn’t talk about anything of their race, they just happen to not be white people). Quite a few characters are also part of the LGBT+ community—I have a few bisexual characters, a few lesbians, a few gays, and right now one trans character, but the sequel will show more trans characters and non-binary characters. There’s also one character later in the book who has one arm, and another character also later in the book who has three fingers on each hand. The sequel will also show more characters with no legs or other body parts, and will also have blind and deaf characters. I really wanted to be inclusive.

  3. The villain of the story is actually not the villain. She’s just the antagonist. But she appears in the story like she’s a villain.

  4. I twist the “chosen one” trope. My character acts like he’s the chosen one (like he was made for this quest to kill the antagonist and end the war), but he isn’t. It’s someone else in his group. :smiling_imp:

  5. A comp title of my story, the Sorceress, would be something like Avatar: the Last Airbender meets Star Trek. :sweat_smile:


  1. Victoria is the queen of the Victorians, the main antagonists. She was born on a far away planet and was kidnapped by an alien species to experiment on… which is how she got her power. Also, fun fact: someone once said to me, “Oh, so are they like victorians… like the 1800s?” because they got confused with the name of their species. And I said no, then proceeded with “They got their name because their queen is named Victoria.” And then they said, “But that was also how the victorian era got its name—after Queen Victoria.” It actually didn’t dawn on me until after they said that because I had issues coming up with a name for her and their species and I really liked the name “victorians,” and I thought it’d be cool if they branded themselves with a V on their body to say they are a Victorian, and then I named the queen Victoria after that. xD

  2. She would’ve actually been nice and caring if she wasn’t experimented on and had her whole life torn apart from her… so now she’s just angry and mean and evil. But in the sequel where the reader sees more from her, she becomes (I’m hoping to write her this way, anyhow) a likeable character. Like, she’s evil, but she’s actually not that half bad.

  3. She’s old. Technically, she’d be a few thousand years old, but she would be like 25 in human years. Her species age roughly 200 years every one human year.

  4. She lives in a castle on a remote island. Like I would.

  5. She has a pet dragon, very similarly to my main character.


I am back!

Five facts about me:

  1. My name Qualeshia means “beloved friend”.
  2. I have a bit of a stair phobia (I fell down the stairs many times when I was younger).
  3. Pink is my favorite color.
  4. I have been watching anime since I was 15-16 years old and I am still watching anime at 32.
  5. I didn’t graduate from college due to my mental health and financial reasons.

Five Facts about my story:

Title: Jiord and the Asakala Voyage

  1. Takes place on a planet named Kovindia similar to Alagossia and planet Earth. The genre is adult Science-Fantasy and there will be no sex scenes or a crap ton of romance. Just some vulgar language and moments.
  2. There are skylands where the rich, famous, and ones in power dwell, yet there are some exceptions where people don’t aren’t wealthy live in the skies.
  3. On the surface there are still nations, but they aren’t as glamorous as the skylands.
  4. The world is in a post-apocalyptic state where corruption dwells and tyrants rule and people can get away with ANYTHING with the right amounts of money and intimidation.
  5. The pirates/piracy is different than your standard pirates. They are more like adventurers pillaging and stealing to gain their own glory/greatness/freedom. Most do that, while a few some do that if they see it as necessary.

Five Facts about my character:

Main Character: Jorildyn/Jiord Almiris/The Great Mother Goddess, Venalia

  1. Jorildyn is an expy of Monkey D. Luffy(One Piece) and a bit of Son Goku (Dragon Ball) if they were a bit mature and had amazing leadership skills.
  2. On earth, Jorildyn would be considered African-American, but on Kovindia (the planet) she is an Tirron (which is a dark skinned elf). She has been complimented on her astounding beauty by MANY people.
  3. Jorildyn’s parents are a retired sky pirate captain and a top-notch assassin.
  4. It’s highly rare for a Tirron to even think about become a pirate. Since their skills are related to nature and the environment. Still, Jorildyn is really good at hunting/fishing/ gardening.
  5. She is actually a goddess who was usurped during a divine war and landed on Kovindia to rest and heal, but was “reborn” as a Tirron infant that was adopted by a pirate and assassin. She also is secretly searching for her legendary scepter/weapon so that she can reclaim her place on the divine throne along with changing the world she now resides in.

There you go!



  • Trashy chemical engineering student.

  • Very gay but random men still won’t let me just exist in peace. Pretty twink guys have a way of finding their way through my gayness, however.

  • 3D artist but my laptop broke and I’m still in pain over it.

  • That one person you see in fiction with the abusive family that however didn’t turn out amazingly well.

  • Diagnosed autistic and very much grew up mute.


  • I keep forgetting Mari is trans. He’s very good at avoiding that fact.

  • All my stories are tragedies that are amazingly good at being depressing and I hate it.

  • Story’s something about reality being governed by the principle of entropy and its most stable state is therefore non-existence. The more it veers towards non-existence, the more strange things become commonplace.

  • Hida should sit down once in a while and stop trying to fight everyone. Also I project too much onto both him and Mari.

  • It finally managed to pass the Bechdel test. Look at me go.


About me:

  1. Mom, wife, owned by two cats.
  2. All around creative. I write books, poetry, songs. I sing and play guitar. I dabbled in drawing but I’m too much of a perfectionist to ever be happy with it.
  3. IT professional at a major marine terminal, but I’ve held a variety of jobs prior.
  4. Born and raised in Poland, but living in the States for longer now.
  5. I took part in breaking a Guinness Record twice.

Current project:

  1. I’d call it a paranormal drama. It’s not your typical paranormal story. Definitely not a horror. It’s very internally focused. I hope there’s an audience out there for that.
  2. It’s a sequel. First book was for ONC 2021. This one was for ONC 2023. I think it’s better than the first though I’ll always have a soft spot for the first.
  3. Out of 17 chapters, 15 of them happen in about 10 hours.
  4. The setting is a made up small town in the Adirondacks, but it was inspired by a real town from that area. But my MC’s fancy house is inspired by a $1.5 million house in Massachusetts.
  5. Once I fix the first book, I’d love to record this series as a fiction podcast. Maybe one day.

The main character

  1. His name is Ian Donovan.
  2. He was initially supposed to be a supporting character, but due to reasons, I took the original main character out of the story completely and promoted Ian to the protagonist role.
  3. Ian has a gift. He can see ghosts. At the start of the first book, he doesn’t know that and mistakes them for normal people. It’s pretty messed up actually.
  4. Additional to the above, Ian isn’t okay. He’s got PTSD, though that’s never named in the story. But it makes him develop coping mechanisms that aren’t exactly healthy. I guess mental health is a running theme in this series.
  5. He’s got money. He’s not filthy rich, but it’s enough for the poor folk to see him as rich.

In person, I always blank out but the magic of putting things in writing open me up.


Just slipping in here with this one comment I had to make…

I know you’re aware…but this looks like a Wikipedia page on you :stuck_out_tongue: I know I can count on you to give all the information :wink:

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I shall return with questions, people.

Be prepared (Lion King)



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Your questions

What exactly do you do? What does it mean to lead a class?

Not entirely knowledgeable with coding. What do you code?

“Still” cherries? Curious why you say that :wink:

What are the subjects taught in the most prestigious of all prestigious schools in Meiste? :wink:

Reminds me of a character of mine who was cursed to be able to hear people’s front-most, loudest thoughts. Jack can’t control it because it’s a curse. (Although he does often use it to his advantage) And he can only hear them when he touches someone’s left side (and this effect only lasts one day and only when the person is near Jack). That’s why he avoids crowds. Does Hota avoid crowds, too? How much can they control hearing people’s thoughts?


questions for you,

What goes down at these clubs? What kind of people go to them? Any incidents?

Which is the first one he has owned and why did he decide to open a club?

So, Marty, despite knowing Evander was in jail for assault charges, hires him to be a bouncer. Is it just because Marty saw how Evander handled another situation? Or is there some unspoken reason behind it? Why does Marty trust Evander not to act out or break trust?


and questions for you...

Favorite character you’ve ever role played as?

That’s cool! Have you put this into anything like making your own songs?

Why specifically Thai iced tea? What do you like about it compared to any other iced tea?

As someone who likes to read sci-fi but avoids most of it because a lot of it gets technical, that’s nice to hear what you’re doing :grin:

Same here. I have a story that deals with lots of religious things, yet, like you, I’m not religious. Religion is deeply rooted in society and culture. If the story touches upon any of that, it’s bound to come up somewhere and it’s interesting to add.

Someone with a lisp will have a hard time with that XD I don’t have a lisp and for some reason “synthetic” is already a tongue twister :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s so cool! :open_mouth:

Kind of what my MC Pinti and secondary character Thorn are going to do in “Lunar Heart, Shadow Bound”, both in different degrees. Neither becomes a villain at heart, but they teeter a lot and act against common morals, but always question themselves.

Idk if this happens in your story—how do you think someone who has murdered hundreds of innocents can redeem themselves? Maybe consider it with one of your characters in mind? What would they have to show or do in order to be redeemed?


and questions for you!

Reminds me of an incident where a cut my finger reaching for a razor in the shower and my mom didn’t believe it was possible. The very next day, the same thing happened to her XD I mean, not good she got injured, of course not, but I was like “See??? It happens.”

It was kinda funny it was the very next day XD

Are they usually in this form or do they look like something else?

What’s the book about?


I shall return with more questions for everyone else starting with @PaperThinSkin14 next time.


Usually humans, whichever onenthey mimic, if they are fully the monster. The half-humans are human enough that their natueal state is their own human looks.

Not really sure, but Im going with the Velveteen Rabbit aprpoach: the paper was well loved, in an era of scrollls anf Hephasteus rebound him in a book to save his paper (so Djinn are in a bottle because their paper is scraps, he just had a more capable god dealing with him)…so I think he’s most likely a love letter.

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Hard to say, as I switch favorites all the time. I have quite a few OC’s I use, some of them from my stories, some of them not. My current favorite is an OC named Errol, but he’s closely tied with Alma. Before that it was an OC named Garick. Like I said, they’re always changing.

I don’t know, there’s something unique about it’s flavor. I’m not sure what ingredients they use, but it’s got a cream in it that’s really good and it’s got a bittersweet flavor that’s just really delicious to me. It’s hard to describe it differently than any other tea, but it definitely has it’s own flavor.

I’ve had the same issues, so I totally understand and that’s why I wanted to make my book different.

It’s pretty difficult to even avoid religious topics when you’re dealing with a MC that is questioning their purpose in life because he’s a synthetic with a “soul” or sentience.

lol, I’m a sucker for alliteration, so I apologize to those who struggle with it.

Thanks! I thought so too and figured it would make for an interesting and unique idea to include in my story. Something that will help set it apart from other Science Fiction stories.

You’ve got a similar theme going on in your stories too then! It’s definitely an interesting trope to play around with. Mine is the same. Alma won’t become a complete villain, or if people do consider him one, he’ll definitely be a sympathetic villain, but in this case, he’s not the only one. His enemy also instigates the fight and there’s a war going on because of it, Alma just becomes a “villain” because he gives in and fights back, deciding to go on the offensive instead of defensive because he gets sick of turning the other cheek (using religious themes again heheh). But in the end he finds peace without completely killing off his enemy and they find a way to coexist instead of trying to basically commit genocide on each other.

As for someone that has murdered hundreds of innocents redeeming themselves, that’s something you can never really take back. Nothing will ever justify it. But as long as the person recognizes their mistake and puts an end to the behavior, trying to do their best to be better, I think any horrible act is redeemable. That’s a personal opinion and obviously other people will have other opinions, but I believe that as long as there is a sincere change of heart and regret for the bad things that have been done, nothing is too evil to not come back from. Now, that’s not to say that they can be forgiven. Someone who killed hundreds of innocent people isn’t going to be forgiven by most people if anyone, but that doesn’t mean they can’t change. The change is the important part to me. Even if I never forgive someone for what they did in the past, I can still respect them for making the change and learning from their mistake. I think a lot of people don’t understand that. Redemption doesn’t necessarily mean forgiveness.

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