Listening to an audio book while you are writing your story?

If you are writing a fantasy or science fiction novel, but need to get in a certain headspace for ideas on how to make certain things in your novel work a bit, would listening to an audiobook in your preferred fiction OR nonfiction to help you with you novel necessary?

What do you think? Thoughts and feelings?

I think would be distracting since I would want to listen to the story if I’m really paying attention to it


How about on a break during a writing session?


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Yeah probably would do that, I usually read when I’m not writing to help inspire me


It would help when not writing but I personally have a playlist of songs that make me think of my book. Otherwise I have some fantasy or sci-fi movie/ tv show I’ve seen multiple times on in the background while I write.


I think it’ll be counterproductive for me. I pay a lot of attention when writing or reading. I won’t get anything out of it if I do both at the same time. I guess reading in between writing could be useful. I usually have a routine fiction reading time in the morning and before bed.


God, I have to be the weirdest human being in that regard.
I write while listening to an audiobook sometimes and I understand what is happening in the story and in mine.

But it does depend on the scene, so maybe I am not that weird.

@JojoDahlia, @SteadyMyLove, and @JJJ000YYY.

Different brains do different things. I know people who can’t even listen to music while writing and need complete silence


That is true.
Still very interesting I suppose. :sweat_smile:

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While writing, it’d be distracting to me mostly because I’d be thinking of my book and not the book I’m reading/listening to. xD Most noise, however, distracts me anyway because I want to focus on my book and can’t when there’s stuff in the background. But I can do some noise, depending on what it is. Just not people talking, generally.


That’s understandable.

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Reading/listening to books similar in theme/genre can be beneficial in helping get the right tone for your novel. It also, in my experience, leads you to understanding the genre/theme better, like where to put plot beats and the tropes/cliches.

However, and correct me if am misinterpreting this or not, listening to it while you’re writing (like during the process itself) seems like it would not only be distracting but overall non-beneficial to you information-wise since youre not able to 100% focus on the story so youre not really able to properly analyze or digest it.

Personally get overstimulated easily when I’m concentrating on too many things at once, leading to frustration/procrastination, so this is only my view (different strokes for differnt folks) . I’d be far too interested in the book or my project to properly focus on the other. I usually will have a TV show I’ve seen a million times playing in the background (usually do coordinate tv show with theme/tone/genre) or, preferably, music.


I understand.
I suppose reading during the breaks of your writing session is good if not a better thing since you can be in the right headspace for your own novel depending on the genre.

Music can also be great, if the sound somehow ties into the scene or chapter or overall story that you are writing, if there is no singing.

So, I suppose the same applies if you are outlining/planning/plotting your story/novel as oppose to writing the actual chapter, right?