looking for a critique partner

Hi peeps! Angel here. I’m looking for someone who could help by giving me an honest opinion about my characters and their arcs, setting, writing quality, etc, as i’m writing my rough draft.

in return, I can give you the same services for your book. I’m self-taught, and i’ve got 2+ years of novel writing plus 4+ years poetry experience. I’ve also run a creative writing club which has taught people to write and we have been published in my school’s newspaper.

I’ll leave the story’s premise below so you can see if you’re interested.

God, all powerful yet bitterly flawed, is on a quest to create a perfect plan for a perfect world. However, Lupina, a demon, puts a dent in her plans at the request of Satan by kidnapping one of her guardian angels, Ambrosia. Because she’s afraid of the dark, she hides behind Heliox, her sociopathic right hand angel, to find and retrieve her. Meanwhile, Lupina is on a quest to reconnect with her favourite person (she has BPD), but he (Heliox) wants nothing to do with her…

Let me know if you’re interested pls!

Hello there! Sounds like an interesting premise. How much have you got written at this point?

I’m Darwin and I’ve been writing creatively since 1991. I am a self-taught writer as well, but have honed my experience through hard knocks, and teaching English the past 11 years. I currently have twenty self published novels.

I write soft science fiction, Post-Apocalyptic, Urban fantasy blends…

I will be taking part of my summer to polish up a YA Scifi (and the third in the book series) for my Michael stories and could use a outside set of eyes to catch things I frequently miss. So a mutual constructive critique would be welcome.

If it sounds like I can help you out, we can start at a chapter a piece and see if the feedback is what we both want?

I tend to line-edit with suggestions for improvement, and will tell you up front, you may take or leave the advice as you desire. You won’t hurt my feelings.

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i’ve got about 2k down. it’s a short book though, i’m only expecting it to be 15-20k tops.

that’s so cool! and impressive.

sure! I would love to! DM me the chapter pls :))

alright, i’ll keep that in mind.

same goes out to you.

though if we do end up critiquing each others work further, i’d like to get to know your vision for the book so that I can align your comments with what you’d like to achieve :)) can you DM me that as well pls?

Hey I hope I’m not too late! I’d totally be interested in helping out. I have a book I’m working on rn, about 4k in and I would love to exchange feedback with you :slight_smile:

I’ve been writing stories since around third grade (I’m 20 now), and I’m currently studying for my Associate’s degree in Creative Writing (soon to graduate!), so Idk if that gives you any insight into my experience lol, but either way, I love editing other people’s stories, so yeah just lmk ^u^

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Hey! sure! let’s exchange our first chapters to see if we’re up for the challenge?

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I’ll DM you my first chapter.

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Sounds good! Would you rather I DM’d you mine too, or is it cool if I leave it here?

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DMs please!

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First round of crit accomplished.