Looking for a platform to self-publish your stories?

Not sure where to put this post. If it needs to go elsewhere, let me know and I’ll move it.

Just wanted to inform anyone who’s getting ready to self-publish that Campfire is accepting a second wave of applications for their brand new monetization program.
80% royalties and you keep all your rights, so you can publish elsewhere too.

I’m in the first wave of accepted applications and it is very exciting. It’s a new platform so it isn’t well known yet, but they’ll be launching an aggressive marketing campaign to attract readers.
It’s a good time to be one of the first.

So come, join me.

Let me know if you have questions about the process or the platform.
Fyi, Campfire Writing is a paid application and it isn’t cheap, but the writers that they accepted to this early access program were given a full access to the app for free so they could set up their projects and all that.
I had already purchased it all, so I didn’t get to enjoy that benefit. But it’s okay. I’m just happy to be accepted.

And no, I get no kickbacks for the advertising. I just want to attract more good writers to the platform, and I know that Wacky’s has a bunch.


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