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I’ve recently started a new project while I wait for feedback on my main project (Still looking for beta readers if you’re interested in that, but I digress). I need a title for this new project and haven’t yet thought of anything, so any ideas would be great. The story is an urban/modern fantasy. Below is a short description of the idea behind it.


Fable Wolfe is a witch, but she was born with the same mysterious illness that took her father’s life before she was born. Her mother made a deal with a demon to keep her alive. All Trent asked for in return was a body. For as long as Fable can remember, Trent has always looked after her and kept her alive. Though she still deals with the symptoms of her mysterious illness, she can function.

Living in the rural forests of Washington state, Fable has never had much contact with the outside world, and is only visited by a doctor every three months. She was home schooled and got her associates degree through online college. She is aware of the existence of mundane humans, as well as magical beings such as werewolves, vampires, faerie, etc… But has never really met anyone beside her own mother, her doctor, and Trent.

However, everything changes one day when her mother goes missing, leaving behind only a cryptic note that tells Fable not to go looking for her. Of course, Fable ignores this completely and sets out on a journey to find her mother. Stepping out into the real world for the first time in her life, Fable has to learn how to navigate both the mundane world and the magic world with her demonic protector, Trent.

Clues lead her to a magic college her mother used to attend before giving birth to her, and Fable meets many friends and foes on her search for her mother. She uncovers many hidden truths about her mother’s past, including the coven that Fable’s grandfather leads that is run more like a cult and posses a significant threat to the mundane world and the magic world. She has to not only save her mother from her grandfather, but also stop him from exposing the magic world to mundanes and causing a war between them.

Any ideas for a title I could give this story?

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Here are some ideas :grin:

Do you have any idea yet about how the illness affects Fable during the course of the story? (for example, if the illness makes her eyes turn purple, Secrets of the Amethyst Eye or something like that)

Is there a name for the illness? (the illness could be the title)

Does her connection with Trent affect her in any way as she navigates the world? Is their connection called anything? (can make titles like somethingbound Witch)

Is there something about Trent that Fable might find out about which is related to the truth of her mother? (like maybe he’s the one behind the mother’s disappearance, Hidden/Concealed/Veiled Darkness)

Seeking coven name
could be another title

or Somethingbound Witch Seeking coven name

Is Trent really a demon or is he something else and demon is just a placeholder name? You could say Demonbound Witch or Demonbound. Or if Trent is actually a cursed fairy who was turned into a demon, maybe, The Witch and the Shadow Fairy, or something like that.

Or Into the shadows/darkness of coven name

Coven name as the title

Seeking mother’s name

Is there anything apart from the mother’s truth that Fable is searching for? If there was some power and the power has a name, maybe, Seeking the Last power-name or if maybe the mother has a unique something, Search for the Ruby Heart (or some other unique something maybe like the Opal Wand…or some other object thing), or Truth of the Ruby Heart, or Unveiled Ruby…or what have you

Not in a way that would work for that. It’s stuff like coughing, dizzy/fainting spells, trouble breathing, chronic pain/aching, poor blood circulation, weakened immune system, etc. Typical illness stuff, nothing that would indicate it’s magical.

No, it’s not a diagnosable illness, the doctors don’t know what it is, so it doesn’t have a name. I am actually thinking it’s a curse more than an illness, but that it presents as something non-magical even though it is magical.

They do have a magical bond but I can’t think of anything to call it. It’s just a sort of familiarity with each other, like an empathy connection where they can feel each other’s emotions and sense when the other is in danger, things like that. Fable also has a certain amount of control over Trent because of the bond.

No, he came after her mothers secrets happened. She dabbled in dark magic, but the last dark magic she used was summoning Trent, but Fable already knows about that.

Trent is an actual demon. He’s a fallen angel that was never born into a mortal body, therefore, when he was cast from heaven, he ended up in hell with Lucifer and labeled a demon.

No, the story isn’t based around a specific object. At least not that I’ve come up with yet. I’m still in the early stages of planning. But the main conflict is supposed to be Fable finding her mother and that leading her to the coven her grandfather runs and stopping him from doing evil.

This actually might work best I think. I’ll have to come up with a name for the coven, but I think it would make the most sense.

Thank you for the ideas! If you have any others, let me know.

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I didn’t expect you to answer all questions :stuck_out_tongue: They were kind of just there for you to ponder over.

But anyway, I did think about another idea:

If the illness is a curse, the title could hint at the curse?

You wouldn’t outright say The Curse of the something
you wouldn’t say
Shadows in the Veins (implying something deadly inside of her)

If it’s associated with…like, say, a pink rose, an orange, and sunsets, you could say The Pink Rose in the coven name, or The Oranges of the coven name, for example. Maybe not the best examples, but I hope you get what I mean :stuck_out_tongue:

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