Looking for beta readers for fantasy book

Hello everyone, my name is Davi Franco, and I wrote a contemporary fantasy book set in 2009 called When The Moon Rises.

Now that I finished the book, I would like the help of a beta-reader to review it and give me their honest reaction to what they read.
What I need from beta-readers: Hear your general reactions like exciting/boring. Plot holes? Are certain things not clear? Is there a need for more character arcs?

The book has plenty of fantasy, adventure, and romance, with several characters.

Here is the summary:

The coastal town of Tidepeak has been the subject of several folk tales that have frightened residents and sold newspapers over the years. However, after the arrival of 17-year-old Nicole Sinclair, the mysterious events that followed led young Jonathan Romain to suspect that the legends might be true.

Jonathan has always had a troubled life; his brother died when he was ten, his writer father disappeared when he was a child, his mother became an addict, and his stepfather is an aggressive drug dealer. To escape his life problems, besides partying and surfing with his millionaire friend Kurtz Bryer, Jonathan would dive into his father’s most famous book, which told the story of the town’s best-known legend.

Arriving in her parents’ hometown to escape her hometown troubles and find a new purpose in her life after her father’s tragic passing, the emotion-chaser Nicole Sinclair approaches the chaos-lover Jonathan and falls into a vast mystery involving several families, including hers, putting the fate of two towns at stake.

Warnings: Contains violence, alcohol and drug abuse, and some swearing.

If anyone is interested and wants to help me, please comment below. I can send you the book via Google Docs, PDF, or Word.

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