Looking for Medieval Fantasy Book Cover (Digital or Illustrated)

Hello, friends! It has been an awfully long time for me since I have been on this site (March of last year, I believe, was my latest post). I have come back to pitch my new story: Thief of Bones (ToB). I have working primarily on Tapas, but I figure it would be worth a shot on Wattpad as well. I have a very temporary cover for ToB, which I will plug below, and I am looking to get a new one made. This is a very fantasy orritented cover, so if you have experience with fantasy, this might be for you.

Please Note: This book is LGBQT+. If you’re not comfortable with that, then I apologize.

Title: Thief of Bones
Author: AriDreams

Hidden cause it is a smidge long

Evangeline is a mystery to those that meet her. With no knowledge of her past and uncertainty in her near future, she knows there is one thing she must do… protect the princess.

Assigned to protect princess Anastasia of the Colossicus Kingdom, the two set forth on a long journey when the princess is thrust into an arranged marriage with Prince Philip of the Ambrose Kingdom. The ultimate goal is to bring peace to the two, feuding families.

However, Evangeline is suspicious about the princess’s soon to be husband. Follow the tale of Evangeline as she is on the hunt to regain her memories and protect the princess from the ominous prince.

Ideas: I am thinking, perhaps, something where the MC, who is an elf, has a sword covering half her face and the other half is dark. Or something with an elf and a sword. I was also thinking the elf sitting on a throne, holding a skull in her hand. However, I am very open to the elf and the princess in the background with a lighter background and a castle in the background. Honestly, I am so open to a light or dark cover as long as it has the MC in it. I do not care if it is drawn or digital, whatever is up to you!

MC description: Tanned skin (Close to latin), moss green eyes, elven ears with one ear having three piercings on the top and is clipped (being marked), general outfit is armor but will provide references below, she typically wears a blank expression, and her hair is a dark brown as it is put into two French braids, starting from the front of her hair to the back, will put reference.

Princess description: Rather fair skin but not super pale, hair color is light to medium brown falls past the shoulders closer to middle back, crystalline blue eyes, and clothing is a blue princess dress (referenced).

Payment: Name your price. I will give a follow to those that try. For the chooser, it will be an automatic addition of two books to my public reading list + follow + constructive review on at least one chapter.


Brief sketch of Evangeline face (cartoon-ish)

Evangeline hair (thank you Olivia Munn):

Evangeline Outfit (Any of them work besides top #2 and #3, prefer bottom #1, #2, #4, and top #1, and #4)

Princess Anastasia’s dress but in blue. Not picky, just the general style I am going for.
dress idea

Other Cover Ideas:


Current Cover:

If you need any more examples, feel free to let me know. Thanks! -x


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