Looking for stories.

(I’m not 100% this should go here, but I’m looking for books).

Hello all! I’m looking for some books to add to my TBR list. I am interested mainly in self-published stories that are in physical form, but I will take a look at any.

My favorite genres are Fantasy, Sci-fi, and Romance (lol, pretty much the most popular genres).
Sub-genres/tropes I like are: soldier/guard/etc. MC, werewolf, historical romance, post-apocalyptic, sunshine/grump, story-retellings. (I have other favorites, but I am currently unable to think of them at the moment.)

Thanks for taking the time to take a look! I look forward to your suggestions!


If you’re interested, I self-publish Science-Fantasy novels on Amazon and Kindle. Only the first book is out but the second one will be out next year :sweat_smile:

i should warn you that the current one has typos and the formatting is a bit off because i couldn’t afford an editor but the 2nd edition has all the stuff fixed so it’ll be fine when that comes out reeeeeee

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I have a friend that self pubbed a few books and I feel like Moonlight would be up your alley for the high fantasy vibes and it has a romance subplot. He also has a cyberpunk book Android Affection as well!

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I’m unpublished and working on my first Fantasy Tale, The Endurlon. It is I suppose, classed as Classic Fantasy/Epic Fantasy (but I don’t know… All these Sub-Genre’s confuse me)…

I slowly write my Fantasy tale The Endurlon… It is found on Wattpad. Same name as here SecretDurham…

It is updated when I’m happy with edits of chapters, then unleashed…

If you like Tolkien styled Fantasy (I’ve been told that I write like Tolkien), then maybe this may distract you for it’s parts…


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I think you already know about my books. :rofl: But um, they all fall under fantasy romance.

To Believe Duology - Peter Pan retelling
37 Nights - Horror fantasy set in an asylum
Blissful - fantasy about a girl who’s from the ocean and has to learn to use her magic for good
The Goddess in the Shadows - pirates and sirens with some ghosts
Tainted - vampire romance with shadows and lots of grief

They all include romance. If any suit your fancy. You can find them all here.

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