Lots of fun things planned for teens! c: CAN'T WAIT.

A while back, I had asked questions about what could bring teens into the library for our programs, and today, my new supervisor and I got together to map out what kinds of things we want to do between September and December (since we’re taking August off of programming to not only give us a break, but to clean our supply room and move my desk down to the children’s area).

There’s a lot of fun things we’re planning on doing, and I’m so excited! I just wanted to share some highlights, and maybe if you have any ideas, that’d be cool, too! c:


  • Teen Advisory Board (once a month)
  • Writing club (once a month)
  • D&D club (twice a month)
  • Book club (once a month) - and we’ve decided that people can bring their own books and we can discuss them, etc. with snacks and drinks.

Arts and crafts:

  • Teen Art Thursdays (twice a month, usually), and some of them will be themed, like we’re going to do a pumpkin carving/painting for one, make your own bookmark for another (which would be fall themed). Another was making your own tree ornament with clay.


  • We were thinking of doing a board/card game once a month. Right now, we have an Uno Tournament on our calendar draft.
  • And then we also thought of video game tournaments as well, like Mario Kart, etc. Prizes and food included.


  • Since the Hunger Games prequel is coming out, we’re gonna do a “marathon” where we do all four movies leading up to the 17th of November, and then we’re gonna see if we can do a “come see the movie with us” at the movie theater.

  • We want to do a lock-in, though we’re not sure how long. If there isn’t a lot of us to volunteer to hold it down, it’s gonna be after hours up until 12-1am. Otherwise, the plan is to do a full overnight thing where you do actually sleep inside the library. :sweat_smile: But the plan is to have pizza, snacks, and watch horror movies. I also have my heart set on bringing a fire pit and we can make s’mores.

  • Another plan would be to go to a pumpkin patch/corn maze and do scary stories with treats.

  • We want to partner up with a local business that does haunted houses and is a place where teens hang out the most. They call it the “Alley.” Our idea was to do a haunted house, but an idea would be to see if we could be a part of their get-up for Halloween. Like a small “room” for a haunted library or something.

There’s more things we’re doing but those were the ones from the top of my head that I’m excited about the most. :relieved:

We’re all excited and I cannot wait for us to start doing this!


Ayy that all sounds fun!

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Hope they all are a hit.


Woo! Look at all that! This all sounds great, I hope they’re as successful as possible!

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Where do I sign up? :joy:

I’m not a fan of horror movies but this sounds amazing! I wish libraries here would do that lol. I’m not even sure we have a public library in my area…:thinking: