Magick vs Magic


Breed standards have always been unrealistic, which is why maintaining most breeds actually causes a ton of damage…and we’ve been doing that for centuries.

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But now people are tattooing their cats!

Well, if it was functional, like black around the eyes (which some breeds and species have naturally to help with glare while hunting), I’d not say a thing.

But most tattooing wouldn’t show up unless they were bald.

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Are you serious???

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Even if it didn’t harm the cat, why would you do that?

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I’ve heard of people doing crazy things to their pets, but that is just utter nonsense.

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Ok, the dumbest thing in this whole controversy is anyone who thinks the cat wasn’t OUT and numbed for that tattoo.

The whole idea of tattooing an animals that will attack the snot out of you for dropping a feather too close to it’s face without severe precautions thinks a straight line on a tattoo could be done by a 2 year old, too.

Now tattoos are infections waiting to happen so I’d not do as big an area on a cat, even for identity purposes.

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Well, this one makes sense, twisted though.

66 million in a nation where:

“The average household earnings in Saudi Arabia was approximately 14.9 thousand Saudi riyal per month in the Eastern Region in 2018. In comparison, the average household monthly income in Najran was approximately 8.7 thousand Saudi riyal in 2018.”

“1 Saudi Riyal equals 0.27 United States Dollar”

14.9/100*27= $4023 a month, $48,276 a year, you’d take 1367 years to earn that prize. We all know people whose morality would slip for that much money.

8.7 thousand is $2349 a month.

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