MOM is an acronym (This is just for fun only!)

Beside standing for Made of Money (jokingly of course), the word “mom” also stands for “Made of Magic”.

If it isn’t mom, then it is dad who plays the superhero or magical guy! Mostly it is the mom who tends to fit the role more.

Just look at this little example down here:

Sam: Hey, mom!

Mom: calling from another room Yeah, what is it?

Sam: I can’t find my black backpack!

Mom: Didja check the closet?

Sam: Yeah, I did! I checked all over and I still can’t find it! I don’t know where else it can be!

Mom: Did you actually look hard enough?

Sam: Mom, I’ve been looking and I can’t find it! I’ve searched everywhere!

Mom: Ugh! Fine, I am coming just hang on!

enters Sam’s bedroom

Sam: See, I looked all over for the backpack!

Mom: I swear, Samantha, I can tell when you aren’t using your eyes!

Mom digs into the closet, pulling out the black backpack that Sam needed

Sam: But-but-but I’ve searched the entire closet for that thing!

Mom: Yes? But were you actually looking for it and not creating more mess?!

Sam: confused I don’t understand!

Mom: See, you can find a lot of things, if you actually look hard enough and take your time. Also, clean up your room, looks like a tornado vomit in here.

Sam stares blank face at her mom leaving the room and then at the bag with concern

Then dad surprises us too:

Gloria: Hey, dad, I can’t seem to find my soccer ball! Have you seen it?!

Dad: Did you check under your bed?

Gloria: Yes, I have! groans I really need that soccer ball for practice today!

Dad: Just relax. starts searching under the bed for it Tell me, is this your soccer ball?

Gloria: confused Yeah?

Dad: Awesome! tosses the ball to her You need to look harder for your things, Gloria or you’ll really miss it!

Gloria: stammering But I did look underneath and it wasn’t there!

Dad: waves hands around Maybe it proof from out of nowhere when I came around. starts laughing

Gloria stares at the soccer ball worryingly

It’s not this exaggerated in real life…maybe, but it is interesting.

Realistically, has this happened to you more time than you can count or not that much or hardly ever?

Thoughts and feelings?

EDIT: These examples aren’t that magical, but I would love it if you could come up with your own fun examples that are magical like that!



Seems relevant.



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I don’t even look for things because I can’t stand the time spent on searching for what they lost.


Ah, okay.

Who normally does that between you and your husband? :thinking:

Spouse. I refuse.



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Come hither everyone here!

I’ve had many, many, many counter examples with my own dad XD He’d be staring at the fridge and say “WHERE IS THE DRESSING” and then my mom or I would have to actually go to the fridge and pluck it out for him. It would always be in the spot right in front of him.

How did he not see? :woman_shrugging: No idea.

MOM is also an acronym for a middle grade book I like: Moon Over Manifest by Clare Vanderpool :grin: I don’t know if it was on purpose though. But there’s no mom in the story.


Ha! How funny!
LOL! I wonder what dad says after you or your mom show him where the dressing is.

Does he smile and laugh or say “I knew that, I was just testing you”?



He says “OH” smacks head "It was RIGHT THERE :roll_eyes: "

then my mom and I would roll our eyes :stuck_out_tongue:



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