Most awkward time you've ever experienced?

What was one of your most awkward moments? Recent or other?

I could write an entire book on mine, but I think one of my most recent awkward moments would be my birthday last month.

My work does card-giving for just about any major occasion (birthdays and get-wells; we had someone pass away last year and while he was in the hospital, there was a get-well card, and then when he passed, we did a condolence card to his family). So, it wasn’t any different with mine, but… I also had a vase of flowers on my desk and a book from my boss (that we deleted from the system however long ago it was, but she read and wanted to give to me as a present).

Well, little autistic/on the spectrum little me saw the card, book, and flowers and connected the dots and randomly thought my boss bought me flowers, too… and when I came in, I started boasting about it to everyone who questioned it because, from a glance, it didn’t come with a card (there was, but you couldn’t tell it was a card). I just kept saying thank you to everyone, and then when my boss came around the corner, I said thank you to her, and she looked at me like, “What are you talking about?” And at that moment, it clicked: they’re from my parents.


So, then I felt really embarrassed and well, felt like I should just quit my job so I didn’t have to show my face to anyone again. :roll_eyes:


Wow…that is awkward. I am sorry that happened.

Do you have anyone there who you consider a work-friend or is everyone more focused on each other, their work, and other things?

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A guy and I were talking once. I was not a romantically inclined towards him at all, we were just really good friends. But it was clear he had a crush on me.

We went to hang out together with some of his friends, and met them in a parking lot. We parked side-by-side and were talking to one another waiting for some other people to show up so we could go to something.

These people are his friends, not mine, but I had met them before and was friendly. We all start joking with one another, and my friend gets out of the car to lean against it why I stayed inside the car.

As soon as he gets out, some of his friends start teasing him about me, asking if we’re dating.

This awkward silence fell as I said a definitive “No” and he stumbled out a “No”.

This man then begins to walk around the car repeatedly, circling it like some vulture, head in his hands why his friends tease and laugh at him and I’m just sat there in the car feeling AWKWARD and stuck.

Ugh. Makes me cringe just thinking it.

Your story was also so awkward, I’m so sorry that happened lmao. Big oof.


A few weeks ago, I arrived from an exercise in my medical university. I had little sleep at that period, ranging from three to five hours per night. Naps during the day were the things that kept me from breaking down, so I lay down on my bed to get that extra hour of rest.

Just as I was about to fall asleep, I heard the doorbell ring.

For some reason, my brain thought that sound came from my roommate buzzing on the door phone due to him habitually forgetting to carry his set of keys (despite the two sounds being completely different).

I got up, took the door phone, and said: “Yes? Hello?”

Few seconds after, a person behind the door did a little knock. That was the moment I came to the realisation, left the door phone, and I finally opened the door.

It was some guy advertising their ISP services. We both laughed it off, with him remembering his student days as he watched the utter confused mess I was.

Get sleep, people.
It’s more worth than gold.


Yeah… it wasn’t my fondest moments…

Personally, no. It’s a little hard to notice because while everyone is friendly, and can be talkative and inviting, everyone pretty much stays in their own lane, you know? Like, one moment, you can be talking about your favorite things and what you’re doing for the weekend, and the next, it feels like they don’t even want to talk to you.

Some of the staff is pretty friendly with each other—like they may hang out afterward or something, like they’ve known each other for years—but I’m not on that level. I feel like I’m in the not-a-real-friend-friend-zone? Like, I’m just there to fill up the void. I don’t know… hard to explain. I wish we were more, but unless I get out of my shell and ask someone to hang out (which I fear that they’ll reject it), I’ll just stay in this bubble.

Yeah, I also feel that awkwardness… :sweat_smile: That’s just crazy… :flushed:

I see.

Wow…it does be like that in a job setting sometimes. I’ve dealt with that when I was working. Like I had no friends in the workforce and I chatted with people, but I’ve mostly kept to myself.

I wish I was a social butterfly, but people can be tiresome.

Oooof. Well, yep. That must’ve been embarrassing. But I’m pretty sure if they are all decent people, they won’t bring it up and rehash it. They might have already forgotten it. If they see you moving on as normal, they will also move on as normal.

Actually, the people won’t think anything much of it, I’m sure. It’s not like you ran around accusing your boss of murder or something and it turned out she was innocent. You did the sweet and normal thing of thanking people for a present. Yeah, it was a mistake of who you thought it was from, but it’s not a bad mistake.

Hope I’m making sense :stuck_out_tongue:

For me, not most, but…

Anecdote Time

There was a moment at an academic project meeting when I hadn’t eaten lunch and was eating a sandwich before the meeting. When the meeting started, I was almost done, so continued eating. No one else was eating, but I could not function without food and no one said anything.

There’s a coffee dispenser in the room and the office lady has cookies on her desk. It’s fine. Hiding the sandwich is weird and awkward, so I showed it with confidence. Like, Hi. I’m eating.

Then suddenly, one of the profs (which I had never met before, so this was his first time interacting with me) asks me a question while my mouth is full.

It could have been ooooof, awkward, oh my gosh, fumble an apology and want to disappear, but I just said, “Oh covers mouth, chew chew swallow Sorry. Haven’t eaten lunch.” and they were like “Oh, awkward laugh don’t worry about it. I’ll get back to you.” and moved on. Then I moved on like this is all totally normal.

I think the professor felt more awkward than me because he asked a question to someone clearly eating. Maybe it slipped out? Maybe he didn’t mean to call on me?

His awkward laugh wasn’t for me. It was for himself. He was put on the spotlight of “professor who asked a student a question while the student is eating and clearly can’t answer”.

Finished eating. A few moments later, he got back to me. I answered. The awkwardness left the room long before that.

I think if you own the awkward, it won’t be awkward. As a shy person, I try to tell myself that if I were them, would I really care? If I was outside looking in, I might feel like “oops awkward” for a second. After that? Nope. I mean, I’m sure I’ve been at someone’s awkward moment.

Don’t even remember it :stuck_out_tongue:

In your situation and mine, it’s not like we were doing something horrible and then it turned out to be wrong. It’s fine. It happens.

Take a deep breath, think a lot about what you could have done over and over and rehash it because you gotta process it, and then, you’ve tortured yourself enough, so move on :wink: