Multiple books. Same world. Different eras. Got one?

It can sometimes be a double-edge sword. Yet I love the process so much, that I can’t see myself doing anything else, but fantasy or in my case science-fantasy.



Fantasy, in my eyes, is an umbrella term for all spec fic that isn’t science-based and even some that are. I have a concept that would 100% fit that but it’s in its infancy right now.


Thought about some of the ancient past of Arillion being a follow up book… In The Endurlon I have the past fall of Mundhlor the ancient kingdom of the Dwarves, and created so much history that I feel like I could do a good short book of it… Alongside that of the Plight of The Drake Herders and that which lead to Geldrid finding a small child belonging to their kin, the last of their kin, Riona Draconis and their many centuries of friendship leading to the opening events of The Endurlon…

So many history tales that could and should follow, like an Appendix of sorts, a filler of history to enrich the world of Arillion…



Resourceful resources to take a hard glimpse at. :grin:

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Every series I have, I’m about 1.5 from the end of it, and haven’t worked on them in a while. lmao


It really is so difficult to find a solid title, but when you do it’s sooo satisfying and it feels like it comes natrually after that.

Writing is a tough journey, but it’s conclusions like this that make it worth it, ya know? That sense of “yeah, this right!”. I’m glad you had an easier time with it and discovered something you like, and the titles are so eye-catching, it’s a great decision :slight_smile:

Not yet, but I certainly plan to, especially since it’s a series of books and it’s easier to track not only for myself but future readers if titles follow a pattern.

I haven’t found one–a title or a pattern–I am satisfied with yet, but perhaps that’s because I don’t have a fully formed book yet. I’m almost through with plans of drafts, so I’m certain that once I have something more concrete to go off of it’ll be a little easier to think of titles. I hope. I pray. Lmao.

Thank you!!

Currently my favorite one has to do with my first-act antagonist, a very insane pirate captain. It was really fun because, historically, accounts are mixed pertaining to his background so it felt almost humorous as I recounted (in the voice of a historian) that they don’t actually know where this man came from just that he’s here now, and this is what he’s done. The pirate himself is so erratic and bizarre that the historian basically ends off with saying he’s an unpredictable menace to society, they don’t understand his motivations, he cannot be understood, and if encountered should be avoided–if not killed–at all costs.

The character of the particular historian recounting this event is also one of my favorites, as he’s often perplexed and humorous when recounting certain people/events, which I find enjoyable.

This is so neat! And it keeps everything so neat and organized in one place, very cool.

I just keep mine in a million word documents. I discovered that the headers of word documents can act as a drop-down, so it makes it look at least a little more organized, but I confess I don’t have anything as advanced as a Wikipedia.

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Oh boy where to start :rofl: Inter-Universal Protectors, The Photon Cycle, The Shai Saga and one book in The Akh Chronicles all take place in the same story world, as do a whole bunch of short stories and novellas. I have a timeline but it changes every time I add a new short story :joy:

So IUP and its extras (The Queen’s Court, Underworld Adventures, The Tales of Two Queens, and The Unlikely Adventures of Amneris Topanga) take place across approx. 5,200 years, not including the time travel incidents or flashbacks/flashforwards to the distant past/future.

TPC starts between IUP3/4. I’ve only got two sort-of plotted books for it so they don’t go past IUP4 yet but that will change. I don’t know by how much because the MCs are still regulars in IUP.

TSS takes place more on the sidelines of those two series until they come together at IUP4 and start interacting with each other more often after that. The MCs aren’t regular characters in IUP or TPC but some of the MCs in those series pop up in TSS. This one is still very much in the works and only take place in one system instead of all Creation unless I change my mind

TAC is it’s own thing entirely but there’s what I guess you could call book 1.5 that takes place between TAC1/2 but is IUP4. Aside from that, TAC is entirely separate from IUP/TPC/TSS due to being in a different Creation, but there is some reference to alternate versions of some of the same characters every now and then.


I honestly don’t know how I do keep track of everything, but I do :stuck_out_tongue: I do have some stuff written down, but a lot of it is in my head and in the stories.

If you felt like it, you could write a history text book for Angel Falls, then? Have you thought of going back even further? Like to when people first settled in Angel Falls?

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Curious…whatever happened to the dino story? And I remember you had something with an all-knowing cube in the ocean or something like that? I was thinking about those when I thought maybe you might or might not have had a series of books.

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I have so many ideas, not all of them work out.

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You could create a short story collection of history tales maybe? People interested in diving deeper into the lore could read them. Kind of like the Tales of the Peculiar which is a book that’s a collection of short stories about peculiars from Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, and it also had a few stories about the history of the homes.

So, you’re working on shorts or standalones? ONC leftovers? Think you’ll get back to the series or not really feeling it these days?

Thanks :grin:

As a reader, I love titles that follow some kind of pattern. Easy to spot them even when you haven’t recognized the author name yet. Also, usually they have matching covers too, so they photograph nicely :grin:

You’ll find it! I’m sure :wink:

Well, that sounds like an interesting character :grin: Have you thought of writing a story with this pirate as the MC? Diving into the mind of the erratic and insane? :smirk: It reminds me of at least three of my characters in another world, not Elgana. Richard who is an immortal assassin who murders people in horrifying ways, and Henry who is insane and a satirical failure at life, and Fernando who is cunning and evil but never gets his hands dirty.

Sounds fun to write :grin: Do you ever chuckle to yourself with the things you come up with that you make him say?

Yes, this feature is so convenient, isn’t it? I use it for my chapters only. I should use it for my word doc notes honestly :sweat_smile: The Wikipedia is actually pretty chaotic when updating. See, I created links from one article to the next meaning that when I update one article, I change the link, and so I have to find other places where I have the link and update the link.

I need a new system :sweat_smile: I should really do it like a real Wiki where a word just goes to an article with the word as the title. So, if I mention “lunar magick” it should go to an article titled “lunar magick” and not an article titled “what is the magick of the moon like?” because then I have to update the link…

You know, I should actually really do that :sweat_smile:

After reading your many explanations about your series, I’ve come to realize how vast the world and series really is and how many story tangents have turned into full series which is honestly amazing.

It’s kind of like if I decided to make a series out of every single Elgana story. So far, Lunar Heart, Shadow Bound is the only one that’s going to be broken up into two books. I write sequels using different characters and showcase different lives, so they end up being standalones taking place in chronological order.

Let’s say, in ten years, how many books will you have fully written that take place in Creation?

And which series are you most excited about?

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Ah, the life of a writer.

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Now I am imagining this as a textbook in HIstory class that every freshman gets tortured with once a year, in order to learn about the city to take part in the Cultural Week events.


Same here! It’s so satisfying and very visually pleasing.

Thank you <3

Thank you! And yes! The first few chapters involves his perspective, and it’s a lot of fun. It wasn’t insomuch that he was erratic and insane, he was mostly just cruel and lived off of that cruelty, sadism, masochisms, he took enjoyment and pleasure from the darker parts of life. In his mind, he is beholden by nothing by the sea, and so he tries to emulate that in his behaviors and has almost no moral compass other than what he regards being the will of the sea.

OOO, they all sound very intriguing. I love to write about the darker side of characters. Henry being a satirical failure at life sounds like he would be both a humorous and insightful read :).

Yes, lmao! Do you ever chuckle at any of your characters antics?

I can see how that would be both helpful, but when something major changes, somewhat of a pain to re-link and re-organize.

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I could, and maybe I should…

Once I’m done with The Endurlon, that is…


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Thanks :blush:

So long as you don’t get as out of hand as mine have, I think you’ll do great :joy:

opens math notebook

Okay, I’ve only got the numbers for IUP and the first few TPC books. TSS is VERY new and TAC is a different Creation.

So, within the period of ten years, we have: IUP books 1-6 and TPC books 1-2. There will be more for TPC because a lot of stories in it take place between IUP3 and 4

IUP. It’s my original baby :joy: It currently spans at least 5,100 years (I’m including all current works, not just the main novels for this number). I’m pretty excited about TPC because I get to explore the “next generation” more and let them be more than young side characters . TAC is more my exploring a new genre and TSS is just way too new (like in the last year new) so I’m still getting to know it despite the crossovers with IUP and TPC

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ONC right now. I need to get back to my series and at least get the 1st drafts out.

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