Multiple books. Same world. Different eras. Got one?

I know who has some :smirk: You know who you are.

The World of Elgana books have two eras. Ancient and Modern Elgana.

Ancient Elgana: Solar Song, Frozen Fate is the oldest, and then Storm Heart, Fire Soul

Modern Elgana: Lunar Heart, Shadow Bound overlaps with Paws Chase Murder Case during the summer time, and then two years after that is Lone Gold, Daring Purple

There will be more. Possibly…

Should be a story before Solar Song, Frozen Fate when Humans first arrive in Elgana. Some Humans and Elganian bipeds choose to live together peacefully and run away to form colonies, while others become enemies. I should probably try to write a species I haven’t yet. Maybe the Krokeys, the croc bipeds.

Might put a novella before SSFF about bird-human hybrid ice prince, Kazo or Taro.

Also a story between Solar Song, Frozen Fate and Storm Heart, Fire Soul specifically about the Guardians of Elgana. Something happens that makes them fully corrupt by the time SHFS happens. Probably the royal Kattalunae are at fault. They were a greedy bunch.

Maybe a story before and during Lunar Heart, Shadow Bound about Ilvagis, the shapeshifting shadow beast race. I want to explore how they live.

And a story before the epilogue of Lone Gold, Daring Purple. It will be about a Human Guardian-in-training and about trying to fix corruption.

So, what’s up with your series?


Oooh, I want to do this too! But I’m still working on the first book in the series. ヽ(^。^)丿


It can be all the ideas you have, too, if you want to share :wink:


I’m doing something like you, in a way. You’re placing your stories in two different eras, but I’m placing mine at the intersection of two eras: namely, when Georgian era Europe first discovered the buried city of Pompeii, resulting in the sudden interest in ancient Rome and Greece.

Except my story combines these into one fictional country. Instead of the English discovering Pompeii, they discover a buried city in their own backyard, under their own volcano.

In future books, they might stumble into a portal or something that takes them back to the ancient world, but I don’t know. I haven’t even plotted out any future books beyond the second, where the crown prince in this book musters an army and takes back the throne from his usurping uncle.

I want this series to go on for more than just two books, though. I’ll have to wait and see if the next book gives me any ideas. I sure envy you for having your whole story arc already envisioned! I need to do the same thing, but just can’t think that far ahead. Stupid brain. (ノ_<、)ヾ(´▽`)


This is such a cool idea! I love it, and I especially love your titles, they’re very eye-catching and interest-spiking.

I don’t have anything like this, but (for draft purposes only, I don’t think they’ll ever make it into a final draft) I do have little articles written by historians, talking about certain historical events, modern events, historical figures, places, things, etc. It helps to immerse me into that world, into their way of thinking. It’s a lot of fun! It’s not every chapter, only the ones I feel require an “article” or an extra dash of immersion.


Yes, it is called Project Six.

Six stories set in the world of Alagossia, but at different eras.

You thought about me, haven’t you? :grin:


This is such a fun concept to explore. I know your Elgana has plenty of potential for that :grin:

My series features characters that hail from different eras, but for the most part it all takes place within a span of a few years in modern times because I’m boring.

Except for the planned prequel…which takes place in the BCE times.


That sounds cool :grin: I bet you know a lot about Pompeii now? :wink:

Putting real historical things together for a whole new history on Earth is a fun time. I do that for Their Posthumous Lives duology. Entire historical events don’t even happen. Like Iptaj is based on 1850s Egypt without the Ottoman Empire becoming a thing.

This didn’t happen right away for me :wink:

So, I initially wrote Lunar Heart, Shadow Bound to be a standalone (NaNo 2016, later in 2018, I expanded it). Then I had the idea of writing a story taking place 2 years after the events. Lone Gold, Daring Purple introduced the Seven Stones of the Seven Guardians (major Elgana lore) and two Hybrids, fox-human Scotch and leopard-human Mason, who were young police officers tasked to guard the policeships but failed to.

I liked their friendship dynamic so much, I decided to write the story of how they became policemen (Paws Chase Murder Case). That brought me to exploring the history of the hybrids, and the Guardians of Elgana started to take shape.

Which led to me thinking about Storm Heart, Fire Soul, a story about one of the Guardians which makes a cameo in Paws Chase Murder Case. His story turned out to bring in the “corrupt Guardians” lore. With this, the turmoil in Lunar Heart, Shadow Bound, and the mysterious events in Lone Gold, Daring Purple made sense.

I then adjusted things so it made sense even more.

Then of course I started thinking about extinct races, treaties, and lots of history :grin:

Naming “Elgana” didn’t happen in 2016, btw. I just called it the Six-Ringed World for the longest time until 3 years later, I decided it was high time I named the darn thing XD

So, for you, it’ll come in time :wink:


Thank you! It took so long to come up with this pattern.

Fun Fact: Lone Gold, Daring Purple was the first one of this format. I had different titles for Paws Chase Murder Case, and Lunar Heart, Shadow Bound. I thought I might not change them, but then I thought, no, I want to.

Took so long to come up with good ones :sweat_smile: But once I ditched the old patterns, it became easier to come up with this pattern of title before writing a new Elgana story. Storm Heart, Fire Soul and Solar Song, Frozen Fate were so easy to come up with because I knew what words to look for to make the title.

Do you have title patterns for your planned series? Or any title patterns for any of your books?

That’s so cool :grin: What’s one of your favorite ones you’ve done so far?

I have a writer’s website where I have Wikipedias of anything related to my races, written by me as if they’re real. But it needs some updates :sweat_smile:

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I did! :wink:

And @alenatenjo

And @JohnnyTuturro

And I know there are others, but I know they’ll find this :wink:

And there are some I feel like they have multiple books planned for a series…but I’m not sure. Like @48lexR and @J.L.O and @NotARussianBot


D’awww! :smiling_face:

Yeah, I need to be a serious timeline for Alagossia because the whole world and six stories call for it and I am becoming confused.

I am going to have to rethink Project Alagossia and Project Six for the sake of my sanity and things making sense for me and possibly future readers/fans.


Sure does :grin:

Not boring…organized :sparkles: :smirk:
Because you somehow fit everything into a span of a few years :wink:

I couldn’t figure out a way to do that, so when writing Storm Heart, Fire Soul, I decided it happened 200 years before Pinti’s story. Then I get in trouble because now what happened before or after either book? Idk :crazy_face: I write the next book hoping to fill the gap, but it takes place 400 years ago in ancient times!

Well then :melting_face:

You should at least make a list of the books in chronological order, write out major events, and then figure out the rest of the timeline or you will be in big trouble :stuck_out_tongue:

That happened to me once, a long time ago, with a short-short story mystery-fantasy series. It got so messed up. I got headaches trying to figure everything out. Didn’t help some characters were resurrected, reincarnated, or immortal and changed their names :sweat_smile: I knew I should have made a timeline earlier in the game, but I didn’t and suffered.


So, true! I am coming up with so many changes for the first global war and how it started, the first civilization, and a bunch of other things too.

Time on Alagossia is bizarre to begin with, I’m struggling with that.

In terms of the technology, Alagossian tech is ten years more advanced than on Earth, yet some places are five years more advanced depending on the country.

So, because every single Alagossian has a certain type of immortality, that makes it harder. Yet I may change that, depending on the race and First Mist dwellings.

…I got work to do, don’t I? :sweat_smile:

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I don’t think you need to include mortality in the timeline. Stick to major historical events only so you know how everything plays out.

I don’t think about the long living Ilvagis, Sorcerers, or other magical beings of Elgana in the timeline. That’s part of the lore. I stick to arrivals of new races, creation of treaties, establishing borders, creating major empires or countries, emergence of major political parties (or downfall), uprisings, major wars, races emerging or going extinct, and things like races getting official names or changing their name.

If someone happens to live for 600 years, I don’t include it. That’s likely to be in the character log.

When you look up the history of Earth, you’ll see it’s about the same. That’s how I made my timeline. I modeled it off of Earth historical event timelines. I looked at Earth timelines and decided what to include for Elgana. They might mention the rise and fall of a major dynasty, but not the names of all the royals, for example.


Thank you for this. I was worried for nothing like always. LOL!

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Good luck, Qualeshia :wink:

Btw, I found it fun coming up with all the major historical events of a world. You can do whatever you want XD You are literally making history. Muahahahaha :smiling_imp:

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Aww shucks!

Thanks so much for that!

:grin: :blush:

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I hope so! But you’ve given me a great idea if nothing else comes to my mind later: I can write a prequel about the main character’s ancient ancestors who helped make the world like this. Likewise, competing descendants in the future are a possible source of conflict for later stories. So thanks! ( ˆ◡ˆ)۶ ٩(˘◡˘ )

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How do people actually keep track of and write Fantasy? Reading this is wrecking my brain :joy: Kudos to you for keeping up and remembering everything.

I have 80s, 90s, 00s, 10s and 20s in Angel Falls. It basically starts off in 1987, at the moment. I might even add the 60s-70s, which were a pivotal point in Angel Falls’ history, post-war. It had a big growt then, being a border town, and when the troops moved out.