My MC is a constant liar, what should I do?

So I started writing my werewolf story, and my character won’t stop lying. Granted, she kind of has to in order to survive in a world that wants her dead, but I still need help when choosing the consequences of her actions. Usually in these types of stories, lying only makes everything worse.


I think as long as they’re honest to their audience, then you’re good. Though it’s worth noting that their lies catch up to them. Maybe not all the lies, but some of them.

There’s a series called “cruel prince” the MC lies often to others, is calculating, cunning, and deceptive. It’s clear that other characters don’t see her the same way as the reader, which is pretty interesting.

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Very good idea.

I have a character that lies to everyone. Even the reader and himself. My advice: let them do what they want, but if they’re the smart sort, make sure they keep their stories straight. Then, once in a while, pepper in the truth and make it clear that it is the truth. So now, the reader knows the MC is lying and knows they are lying to themselves, too.

Then the consequences of those lies make sense to the reader.

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