Name that one meal that your family member makes the best....

Whether it is your mother, father, brother, sister, grandma, grandpa, aunt, uncle, or cousins, who is that family member that cooks that one meal you absolutely love the best?

I mean tried cooking it yourself and it wasn’t nearly as good the way your family member made it. But don’t worry because you’ll get there eventually…

So, tell me, who is that family member and what is that meal?

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Mom cooking almost anything.

My aunt cooking misal-pav (it’s a typical maharashtrian breakfast - a spicy gravy with square buns)

My grandma making chips.

I haven’t tried cooking much, but my mom has tried all of the above, ofc, but the specific people make the dish just differently. And while my mom’s iterations are also amazing, their ones are sometimes better, or amazing in a differerent way.


My dad can’t make anything to save his life, so… nothing

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Anyone else in your family that you are close to that cooks good meals that you happen to like?

My grandmother, on her hand, makes REALLY good soup

Grandfather doesn’t cook

Uncle Victor makes the best homemade pizza

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What kind of chips does grandma make?

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That is really great.

Homemade pizza sounds really good right now, not gonna lie! LOL!

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Brother: Spatchcock Turkey.

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I dont come from a family that cooks a lot. My husband does though. So he’d probably be able to answer this question better.

But we have a family friend that makes amazing pasta salad. She’s sent me the recipe a few times but I have a really weird thing about mayo and other things like that (yogurt, milk, ranch, sour cream, cream cheese all make me want to puke if I think about them too much)

So I can’t make it myself but love eating it when she makes it haha.

I’m getting pretty close to perfecting homemade French fries. :yum:

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Mmm! French fries!

Interesting! It just makes you want to vomit from the look, smell, and taste alone?

I gotta ask, what exactly is spatchcock turkey?

Split the spine, lay the bird out flat, cooks in a fraction of the time.

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Oh…didn’t know people cooked it like that.
Huh…you learn something new everyday.

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Kind of all of it. Texture in my mouth for sure if I think about it. Ranch I can only eat on salads as long as the ratio is right. Taste, a lot of them are kind of harsh tasting and that throws me off.

I couldnt eat mashed potatoes for the longest time because of the texutre but as I get older I’m less sensitive to it. I’ve just always liked crunchy foods best.

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That pretty interesting.

Traditional Maharashtrian ones - when summer comes around, most families in Maharashtra make different kinds of chips (there are lots of varities!) and put them to dry on roofs and balconies.
There’s potato chips, there’s chips made from cooked and mashed pulses with lots of seasonings, there’s ones made from cooked and mashed rice, ones made from sago and what not

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