NaNo playlist

Has anybody made playlist for their NaNo project or even just for NaNo in general?

I’m trying to build up my own playlist so honestly I’m looking for music recs for it.


Guilty! I made a playlist for my NaNo project already, and jotted down a few bullet points for the plot outline.

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I may use a premade list this year, like one of these:


I don’t have a list per se, but the figure skating season is on, so I am listening to tons of music.

The one that haunts me atm is this one. Chances are it’s my NaNo soundtrack.


Well, I spent a good chunk of yesterday and this morning adding songs to the playlist and designing a cover for it. I have almost 12 hours worth of songs added but I definitely feel like I need to add more love and sad songs. This is a general playlist that can be used for any story that way if I’m feeling lazy for a future NaNo I can just use this playlist.

If anybody wants to use it here’s a link: Spotify


Have this sad love song then

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