Need a username for my second YouTube account/channel....

I decided that my main YouTube Channel will be for leisure.
While my second one will be geared towards my daily “writing” vlogs and a few other things.

I just need a username for my second YouTube channel.
So, I have the option of using my middle name and my father’s surname.

It’s Takisha Yancey by the way or I can go the whole creative route

Here are a few of the options:

  1. The Anime Writer and Fan.
  2. A Pink Geeky Vlogger.
  3. The Creative Writer’s Den.
  4. The Anime Fan who Writes…Creatively.
  5. Takisha Yancey (plain and simple)
  6. Me? A Realistic Vlogger?

What do you think?

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The shorter the better, since anyone who subscribes is going to have that name showing up in their sidebar. You want it to fit their screen. So I pick #5, or you could even do just your first name. Have you searched YouTube for other channels with that name yet?

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Have I searched for YouTubers with the name “Takisha Yancey”?

I would be highly uncomfortable if there is a person with that exact name.

I am still bothered that there’s a person out there with my exact name which is Qualeshia.

Maybe it’s me, but if I have an unique name I want to feel like I have an unique name…just saying.

Update: No. Nobody has that user name and thank the heavens for that…

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If no one else has it, then it’ll be easy to use that as your channel name. Yippie skippy! ( ˆ◡ˆ)۶ ٩(˘◡˘ )

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You stole my favorite words?! :rofl:

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And you’re passing up the chance to call it the Quality channel?


I see what you did there…

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So, it has been decided, I shall go with the username Takisha Yancey for my YouTube channel.

My main YouTube channel that I am currently using will be strictly for leisure and to enjoy myself.

Good for me!