Need help for mxm mafia story

I haven’t been on in awhile, so I apologize if this is in the wrong place(please move if it is :slight_smile:

I’m currently working on my m/m mafia underground fighting story… but i need a rumor/reason for Mason(playboy billionaire) other then not being out to everybody yet… both parents died in a early age, and lives with his uncle who doesn’t know yet… &

He plans on using Vance(my other male lead) for a cover at some point. They agreed to help each other

Vance however has his own drama, including a gambling father, a dead sister murder that was never closed. And he was a former underground fighter as well(he worked for Jasper’s uncle)

but I’m not sure what to use for Mason. Unless I do a jealous family storyline…

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Depending on the era, a lot of inheritances/wills had conditions, like getting married and having kids. If you time things just right, and it’s just before men could legally marry each other, he’d have reason to be quiet, while deciding to marry a woman for his inheritance by a certain age.

If the uncle is closer in age, already married and seen as a rival inheritor, there would be reason to keep this quiet, as well as this guy trying to earn money that isn’t tied to his parent’s money if everything goes sideways.

If it comes with a shift in marriage allowing MxM, then there’s no reason to hide at that point, just everything up until then.

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