Not for the main character, but for the SUPPORTING character...

Which character has been a joy to write or a struggle to write? In terms of backstory, personality, and overall characteristics?

Thoughts and feelings?



Got any supporting characters that were a joy, a struggle, and/or both to write?

I only want supporting characters only.

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My Turn:

Project Merellian:

Kali Nordi-Atlas and her wifey Gisella Atlas-Nordi are going to be both a joy and struggle to write.

Why? Because of their backstory that ties with the plot and the mess Jorildyn caused in the days of old.

Kali and Gisella had different personalities before they met which changed when they got together. Gisella had Kali’s current personality and Kali had Gisella’s current personality.

I will say more, but I shall return later.


Duxim from Between Roses.

foxwoodauthor is me on IG if anyone’s curious.

He’s so cute. Such a joy to write. He’s so pure, too.


A Joy to Write:

  • Hamish, a short-tempered Irish SAS marksman turned mercenary. Always looking for a fight, or for an excuse to blow something up. Hates that he’s stubbornly loyal and kind to those who are likewise to him.
  • Johnson, a Scottish SAS marksman turned mercenary, and Hamish’s companion. Johnson is always calm, friendly, gentle and wise…the opposite of Hamish…but no less dangerous with a rifle (or with C4).
  • Boa, a Ethiopian immigrant to Israel, member of Kris’ Sayeret sniper team, Kris’ superior officer (but Boa lets Kris command their team anyway), has surgical precision with a Barrett .50cal rifle (out to 2km), and “always the most relaxed guy in our group” according to Kris. Boa treats everyone as his friend, he is allergic paperwork and formalities, annuls personality / inter-group conflicts with his presence, and he always looks for an excuse to party.
  • Mica, the calm, gentle, and over-educated medic of Kris’ team, unofficially recruited (stolen) by Kris and Luke (Mica’s boyfriend) from the IDF Infantry. Mica is loyal to her team, and quite patient and friendly with new members. Mica also views herself as a cultural cross-breed, her mother was from Mexico and her father was from Iraq. However, Mica is an only child and the last surviving member of her family.

Omru is the most fun to write. He’s an optimistic, gentle old man who conceptualises the world through his love of food. He’s somewhat of a food philosopher: For food is the language of the world; useful to ally your fellow men or welcome strangers, or appease your enemies, or commune with birds and animals who pick at the scraps. I use long, delicious descriptions of food in his chapters.


Square pancakes? Is that a thing? Can it be a thing?


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Oh, this is hard… So hard…

I’ve enjoyed creating and writing backstories, personalities and overall characteristics for almost all of my characters. It would be too hard to pick just one…

But, on a truly personal reason, I’d have to say that Temulkar (Evil Eldest Immortal of the Children of Mara)…

For me, it was the chance to delve into the darker parts of myself and to pick away at my thoughts regarding those parts. Thus, it combined my imagination and wickedness to craft a character who has lost his way to darkness, and a drive for total dominion over the lands of which he grew a hatred for…



All of the above for all my regular characters

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There are square pans. Why not square pancakes? :grin:

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The psychology part of that character sounds like an interesting thing to get into. I have a side character who is always short-tempered and I wrote a novella diving into the reason why he comes across as angry to people. What is his thinking, his reasons, and deep down inside, what is he actually feeling? The psychology of it all fascinates me.

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I have seen the light, and it shines so bright!


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Quite right!

I guess it is the reason that I liked to write his backstory, the reasons for his dislike of the world, and his deep interest in all that was deemed cruel and wicked…

“For thousands of years he dwelt in the lands of greatness and plenty, and in time he grew tired of it all. Seeking more to existence than that which he had, turning away from his ordained task bestowed upon him by his Fathers. Temulkar was become enamoured in that which was deemed cruel. He played with insects and studied their precise cunning in survival, and mindless devouring of their prey. He pitted beast against beast for the sport of his knowledgeable quest, and in time be had become lost to his kin… Long years he wandered the wilds, learning of many new creatures and of their ways. He looked to the darker places of the world and found solace in that which dwelt there, and in the shadows he lived, forging his Blood-craft that would one day bring him to power, and his domination of Arillion…”

:- The Endurlon By SecretDurham



Other joys to write:

  • Yitzhak, an elderly high-ranked Mossad agent who is only seen in white linen suits. Yitzhak is calm, modest and respectful, especially towards Karen’s Be’er Sheva-based mercenaries. Yitzhak arranges for Karen’s mercenaries to receive the full protection of Israel’s security services (and Yitzhak’s personal / professional protection from the security services) in exchange for occasional acts of charity. Their first such act being a rescue mission to recover Yitzhak’s agent (and protegee) from northern Syria.

  • Alisa, a devoted and “dangerously intelligent” Mossad field-agent, and Yitzhak’s understudy. Alisa’s loyalty to the Mossad (and Israel) is second only to her loyalty to Yitzhak and, by extension, Karen and her mercenaries. When Yizhak retired (between novels), Alisa took his place and continued to uphold Yitzhak’s deal with Karen. Alisa also trained Hannah, Karen’s adopted daughter, in the art of spy-craft as she prepared for IDF enlistment. However, Alisa advised otherwise talented and over-qualified Hannah to stay in the Army (Military Intelligence) as a safer alternative to the security services.
    In relation to my current work, Alisa discovered Lander’s clone project in its early stages, arranged for a discrete financier meeting between Lander and Karen, then erased any records so much as hinting to the project’s existence. Yet another example of Alisa’s unrivaled bond with Karen’s group.

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