Once again...

Our forum and little team run completely off (a very small amount of) advertising revenue and, mostly, donations from our members. We are a volunteer team and don’t make any money off this venture, but we do need help keeping up site costs, which run about $100/month. For us to continue keeping the forum up and running, I am humbly asking that, if you enjoy using the forum and have a few dollars to spare, you please consider making a donation to help continue supporting us moving forward! We have some things in the works to try and help offset more site costs, but they take time to develop and start working.

I promise we won’t use it for vacation. :wink:

Any help you can provide is SO appreciated and helps us continue to offer a place for this great community to spend time! Thank you for being a member of Wacky Writers, we love having you all here!

Love, CJ :wackywriters:


I really wish I could help, back when I donated I tried to make a monthly donation, but starting second payment it said failed, and it hasn’t let me since, also I changed credit card so oof… but yeah, any other way I can help? Maybe click random advertisement? Would that work?


Actually, we really really REALLY strongly discourage that unless you have true interest in the content - Google will penalize us if they suspect our clicks are manufactured. I appreciate you wanting to help though. :slight_smile: I’m sorry about the donation issues! I’ve updated the payment platform so maybe try again?

There was some site issues a few minutes ago (for those of you who may have tried earlier sorry about that), I’ve got some…fun stuff cooking on the backend that is taking a lot of development. :sweat_smile:


Oh, okay, luckly I asked before doing it lmao

I no longer have money unfortunately, when I wanted to do the monthly payments, I had enough financial stability, now I don’t :sob: That’s why I was asking if there were any other ways to help


Yes, thank you for asking. :heart:

That’s totally okay, we understand. :slight_smile: Honestly? Best way to help might just be sharing the Wacky Writers forum! More users helps with page views and the bigger we get, the more avenues we have for monetization. :slight_smile:

Any other ideas someone might have for helping us raise money would be much appreciated, too! Sometimes having more people brainstorm on a problem helps us figure out solutions we may not have thought of ourselves. :slight_smile:


I’m sure we’re still Amazon affiliates so any links from here to Amazon get a small commission. So if anyone is shopping on Amazon, feel free to use links from here.


Ah I would love to help! Problem is, I’m a minor living on the other side if the world. I don’t control my money yet, and anything in dollars is hella expensive for me.


I donated if that’s okay.


Of course it’s okay! :beautifulheart: :beautifulheart: :beautifulheart:

Thank you SO much!!


You could consider running paid banner ads for authors and service providers, like Kboards? Depending on your user demographics and traffic, it might be better for authors. It doesn’t need to be obtrusive :slight_smile:


I enjoy participating here on Wacky, and I believe this is one of the best online communities I have joined ( Facebook is my fav :stuck_out_tongue: ) I get more attention here than on Discord. And for what you have done for me and how helpful your mods has been to me, I would love to help you guys in any way I can.


Better buy shares while they cheap :rofl:


Wish I could…