One Sentence. Can you state what your novel is about in one simple sentence?

The Sorceress:

A teenage boy leads a group of soldiers to find the person responsible for his family’s murder.



I’ll do it for real this time now that I have a better idea of what’s happening in some of them :joy:

Battle for the Photon Core: God-Queen Amneris and her allies must track down the ten items before the ultimate evil is released from its eternal prison

The Final Downfall: Amneris and Colt face their nightmares as the Court of Lyriumia track down the final four items, the Age of Darkness drawing ever closer

Queen of Darkness: The hunt is on for the new Ruler of Terpola as an enemy from the past returns to claim the power of the Weapon

Enchained: A strange events brings visitors for alternate versions of Creation together, causing everything there ever was, is, and will be to be put at risk during a rescue mission gone wrong

Tear in the Megaverse: The Void looms closer as Creation fractures, threating all the worlds and everything that ever existed

Immortalize: New secrets are uncovered in the Void and on new worlds as Amneris and her allies search for a way save Creation before it’s too late

The Young Ones: An ancient curse is released on the Academy, causing Hathor and her friends to search for the long-lost Catacombs and the ruins they lead to for a cure

The Spirit Veil: A scroll from ten thousand years ago threatens to reveal what lies beyond the Veil

The Old City: During her studies, Aurora Diaz and her friends find themselves caught up in a world of Spirit Hunters as an ancient magic enters the modern world, revealing the truth about what caused the Vesuvian tragedy

I have a lot more. These are just the ones currently on Wattpad


Since I’ve made so many changes and whatnot, I am going to redo mine and I shall do it here. They all are set in the world of Llyria but different timelines and alternate universes.

Heretics: The Red Ghosts: Alphonse is a Knight searching for two humanoid creatures that is causing widespread panic in different parts of the continent, but as he searches for them his curiosity and need for answers grows and comes before his duties.

The Mage Lord: Machina Reborn: An arrogant yet extremely powerful high ranked Mage dies and is reincarnated as a human android who is a servant to a low ranked Mage and desires to not only save his clan but become a Mage Lord once more.

The Breakers: Witch of Arcane Sins: A prince who is also both a Necromancer and Alchemist combines both powers and creates a homunculus that houses the soul of an absurdly powerful ancient witch that brought forth calamity to the world eons ago.

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Among the Fallen: A 14-year-old boy escapes an isolated, cult-like village and enters into a world that’s not much better than his previous one.

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Goddess v2.0: “She’s not like the other girls” takes a literal meaning.

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