One Sentence. Can you state what your novel is about in one simple sentence?

I wanna see you try. I know you can do it.

I shall return to state mine.

My Turn:

Red Reign: Monster in White- A fallen princess discovers a mech and uses it to exact revenge against the people who destroyed her kingdom.

The Roar of a Lionheart:- A reincarnated former rich businessman becomes an imperial prince who strives to fix the mistakes he made in his past life in his new life.

The Red Ghost: Heretic Renna- Force to serve in a religious organization, a girl ends up fleeing from the organization then joins a somewhat small rebel faction to bring it down.


Living in a world so cruel to you that you see yourself become the monster you’ve always hated.


Wow. That’s really deep and dark.

I love it. Is this from your current novel?


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A boy and his mermaid friend set sail to save his grandfather from pirates.

Honestly, if you can’t break your main plot conflict down into one sentence, you might be a bit lost in the sauce and in need of some focus. Not to drag down a story featuring multiple, equally important story arcs, of course. Shared protaganism, I guess.

Though even under these circumstances, these multiple arcs should still feature similar thematic principles tying into an overall theme with which you could still distill them into a single sentence. Like what @romance_lover16 did, breaking her novel down by its theme rather than its plot.


True and thank you.

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Battle for the Photon Core: The events of the past which could have easily been avoided come back to bite a character on the butt

The Final Downfall: Part two of butt biting from past events

Queen of Darkness: A visitor from the past is tricked into helping the bad guys while the good guys search for the new Queen

Enchained: A cyborg tries to save their world by destroying another

Tear In The Megaverse: After effects of the cyborg trying to save their world by destroying another

Immortalize: Part 2, only from the other side


Haha thank you! Actually it’s from a novel that I just completed :smiley:

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Synthetic: Genesis - Scientist makes Synthetic Humans and realizes it’s a bad idea too late when they show signs of sentience, but is relieved when all their prototype wants to do is go to space and find a new planet to save the humans from their own self destruction.

Hollow Conscience - Backstabbing bastard faerie catches feelings for the people he planned on throwing under the bus and finds himself in a predicament as his sister continues trying to kill him.

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After her husband divorces her to marry his mistress, his ex gets plastic surgery to win him back from the other woman.


Under the weight: finding your way in the world when those around you fail you.


No problem. :slightly_smiling_face:

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It’s like the one sentence summary but simpler :grinning: They make you do it when submitting to the Wattys.

I took this opportunity to do it for all the stories I have, sectioning them out if they’re related.

Between Roses: A girl with a hidden magical power must destroy the manifestation of madness in Underland.

The Rat Girl: A girl finds out she is a rat from a fantasy world that she must now save from a curse.

Lone Gold, Daring Purple: A sorcerer boy blamed for murder and a rare raven girl run from police and hunters together while searching for the truths of their anomalies.

Paws Chase Murder Case: A human-fox hybrid guy attends police academy to follow in his late father’s pawsteps but to also seek the truth of the murder.

Storm Heart, Fire Soul: A reluctant, short-tempered thief chosen by a magical gem as its next Guardian must fight all the Guardians as they threaten the balance of the world.

Lunar Heart, Shadow Bound: A bipedal blue feline turns into a killer to save her race. (I think. Still rewriting, so not sure.)

Two and the Last Year On Earth: An alien girl is on Earth to help revive it but rolls her eyes at how well the mission’s final year is going—badly.

The Facade of Quad in Nimrod: There is a rich father so greedy he doesn’t love, a rich mother so greedy she cheats, a poor son so hopeless he turns to murder, and a daughter so naïve she sees a money-hungry man as the love of her life, and all these pitiful people slowly fall from grace in an 1820s England-inspired setting.

Alive At Crepusculum: Villains are at each other’s throats sneakily while good guys suffer from their own mistakes in an 1850s USA-inspired setting with demons.

Dead By Sunrise: Now they are doing the same thing only in an 1850s Egypt-inspired setting with a god of death that wants to eat everyone’s soul including the villains’ and of course, no one wants to die.

There Lives A Beast in the Burning Heart: A fire mage soldier with a memory curse seeks a fairy for help but his life turns upside down because it might all be a lie.

The Many Secrets of a Broken Light: A light mage, weakened after battle, hides his identity to take back his place as leader one day when a non-magical boy from another world stumbles into his house.

Jack Of All Trades: A cursed charismatic gallery owner with secret identities has his cover blown, so he has no choice but to seek the help of a dragon.

My NaNo WIP…I don’t have much story yet for this to be the summary, but let me try.
Solar Song, Frozen Fate: A bipedal lion girl makes lots of oopsies as she tries to free her kind from captivity while fighting an ice beast.


Current unnamed WIP: Identity cannibalism.

Girl Salt: Loneliness.

Ember: The acceptance of suffering.


I’m only good at these when I purposely describe them badly. :sweat_smile: So let’s do it badly then.

How about a trope overload?

An amnesiac nerd falls for a paranoid boy with family issues and learns that love empowers but love alone doesn’t solve problems.

Omg, vague af. But is it any interesting at all?

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I think these could use more work to become more concrete.

This one is perfect.

But you should try that too for the sequels.

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It is to me! It’s a romance, I take it? (ɔ˘ ³(ˆ‿ˆc) :heavy_heart_exclamation:애! :heart:

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I wouldn’t call it a romance but there’s a love story there among other things. Both characters have their own stories to tell and the love story joins their stories together.

I’m still trying to lock down how best to express what it’s about.

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Honestly that was me just taking the piss out of it :joy:

Thank you

That was honestly also me taking the piss out of it :joy:

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I have another one:

A princess is forced to help a rebel faction rebuild their fallen nation while the princess fights off any and every threat.

Among the Fallen: Although the reincarnation of a powerful yet evil god, this 14-year-old kid just can’t seem to get a break from his family, peers, or village.