paid art commissions by korralistic | ♡

kofiart carrd @korralistic jade, she/her ☆ eng hey, i'm jade! and i've officially opened art commissions for the very first time! i'm a novice artist just doing this for fun, so please go easy on me - and thank you so much if you consider supporting me! i currently offer headshots, busts, half bodies, 3/4th bodies, and full body artwork. they're all in my signature "messy sketch" style! for a more cohesive experience of my terms, please check out my art carrd! all my comms are done through kofi <3 if you have any questions, please feel free to ask away! (ㅅ´ ˘ `)
SLOTS; 0/3


by commissioning me you acknowledge and agree to the following terms;

〜 every piece of artwork will contain a (non-disruptive) watermark for my credit, this is nonnegotiable and you are not allowed to remove it.
〜 editing, tracing, copying, using as bases, and claiming as yours is strictly prohibited.
〜 for personal use only! no mass printing, reselling, nfts, or any commercial purposes. feel free to post it anywhere you want as long as you include proper credits!
if for some reason you do wish to use my art for anything commercial, you’re free to reach out to me to discuss but i am not obligated to agree/permit.
〜 wait time varies between a few days to a few weeks even though it’s all pretty simple art, life and art be hard i’m so sorry;;
you are more than welcome to (politely) ask for an update should you not hear from me after a reasonable amount of time!
〜 i have the right to post/share your art publicly, but if you have an extreme issue to this, i am open to discussion x
〜 you will receive progress photos to make sure it’s right and to do any major changes/alterations you might want or need as there will be no major alterations once you receive the final art - unless it was a pure error on my own part, i.e i forgot something you clearly mentioned - but very small tweaks are ok!
〜 should you wish to cancel and get a refund, you can only get a full refund if i hadn’t started your art yet or did very very little, or a 50% refund should i have progressed farther, and no refunds should the piece be completed. if life goes No<3 and throws me a curveball and i find myself unable to finish your commission, regardless of my progress, i will send you a full refund :]

not exactly a TOS thing, but please keep in mind i’m just a hobbyist artist doing this for fun and practice, so i kindly ask u to go easy on me <3


admittedly as a novice artist, i haven’t drawn all that much, so i’ll break this into definitely know i can do, definitely won’t do, and ??? unsure but willing to try/discuss!

can; one character. humans/humanoids, with or without non-human characteristics such as animal ears, robotics, horns, etc, ocs, fanart, real people (with discretion), mild gore such as blood and non-major wounds. simple props, simple bgs/scenes, and simple clothing & accessories. suggestive material?

no go; furries/anthros, most animals most likely, extreme gore, nsfw, any hateful stuff. mecha/mechs, outdoors/nature, complex/complicated backgrounds and scenes.

??? unsure; armor, big/complicated props, super detailed/intricate clothing and accessories, maybe certain animals, magic effects like wielding fire and stuff like that, more than one character/couples.

if there’s anything on my ??? list that you’d like, such as a couple or perhaps have a character with intricate clothing, feel free to reach out to talk about it and i’ll consider <3


〜 starts at $10
〜 upgrade to a bust for $3
〜 add basic grayscale coloring and shading for $5
〜 basic coloring and shading but in full color rather than b/w for $8

halfbody/waist up
〜 starts at $15
〜 add basic grayscale coloring and shading for $6
〜 basic coloring and shading but in full color rather than b/w for $9
〜 add a prop for $3

3/4 or full body
〜 starts at 3/4 body, $20
〜 upgrade to full body for $5
〜 add basic grayscale coloring and shading for $7
〜 basic coloring and shading but in full color rather than b/w for $10
〜 add a prop for $3
〜 a simple background scene for $10