Pantser plotter planter neither???

Hey peeps, wanted to clarify something.

whenever I outline, I drop the story. if I outline too much, it’s boring to write the first draft. if I outline too little, I get stuck on the first draft. If I don’t have all the plotholes sorted I get stuck. if I do, I also get stuck. i’m just wondering what’s a method of outlining that is suitable for me?

any ideas?


Quick question:

Do you have ADHD/Autism?

I am just asking out of curiosity.

I pant and jot a few things here and there, nothing concrete.

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neither! :))) i’m just mentally chaotic.

alright… I’m currently trying a bullet point outline. i’ll see how it goes.


Ah, I thought I asked because I have ADHD/Autism and you resonate with me greatly. I am also an on and off writer, as well.

How about just going with the flow while writing bullet points?


I figured. I do have a brain that mimicks a lot of things yet doesn’t have any of them.


i’ll write bullet points before the story, then add to the outline as I go along probably. thanks for the tips!

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Alright, no need to dive any further. You can seek out that information on your own if you are willing to.

I find with the story I am working on now, I do zero planning or plotting and I just go with the flow. I do write down the character’s names and their roles, but no outline or anything. I just write and keep it going.

It helps that I write in a weird way, honestly.
Each chapter is broken into parts like chapter 1, part 1 to chapter 1, part 5.

I am currently on chapter 5, part 1 which is actually part 5, chapter 21. I write like that as a way to trick myself and it is working wonders for me.

I’ve been this way since I was a child. LOL!

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ahh ok, thanks.

haha. I used to be quite an intense poet but lately i’ve been doing more novels.

I used to write poems, but prefer to write stories over time.

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ah okay, interesting.

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