Parental Favorite and the Unfavorite (with random bonus question)

For the characters in your many stories, which is the favorite of their parents while who is the unfavorite to their parents?

Explain it all.
Thoughts and feelings?


Off topic bonus question:

Are the characters you like reading about similar or different from the characters that you are fond of writing in your stories?


I really don’t spend time establishing favorites or not, in many cases.

For example, Mini Moo? Vance is an only child–just him and his dad, Anise comes from a family of 4, and is the oldest, only girl. The interactions do nothing to play favorites with her parents, although there is some acknowledging that their daughter is different from their sons.

Esme’s mom likely regretted her, but it’s again, an only child, and for Althalos, he’s their youngest kid (and last), full grown, so THEY don’t have a dynamic of anyone being better. Althalos’s firstborn son dies fairly young, and THAT messes him up until his son’s illigitimate daughter is placed on his lap (and really, nothing else is said about the relationships between him and his kids). So maybe Althalos has a favorite–his eldest. They used to ride off in battle, together.

I’m generally not fond of forcing comparisons, to declare favorites.


You could answer the bonus question.
I really wanted to know your answer for the bonus question more than the thread question.

I say that because, you’re a mother yourself so the bonus question is much better to answer than the other question.

That’s why I asked it.
Please I desire to know your answer for the bonus question. :pleading_face:

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Reading has a lot more grace than writing. I cannot fathom BEING that stupid irl, so dumb characters are harder for me to channel. BUT, reading a dumb character can be some of the best moments of a book. That’s more a me-limit.


Ah ha!

That makes sense. Some of the characters that we read can be way better than something we try to write for ourselves.

I hear that and I feel the same way.
I am glad you answered the bonus question though.


Yup, the mc’s brother is the favorite because of primogeniture and because their mother died in childbirth with the younger brother. However, the older brother protects the younger one from their father, and secretly collects evidence against their father, proving that he murdered the royal family. ヽ(^。^)丿

As for the bonus question, I would totally love to read about characters like the ones I write, but very few authors write about people like that. Hence the reason I had to become a writer in the first place. (*・_・)ノ⌒*

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Are you asking if the child has a favorite parent or if the parent has a favorite child? Sorry I’m easily confused.

As for the bonus question, I like writing the same types of characters I read about. I find that reading inspires me to write certain types of characters and it’s just a fun challenge to write characters that I wouldn’t normally write because a book I read inspired me too.


Parent has a favorite child and unfavorite child…

I rarely mention parental favourites in my stories, but here are a few contenders.

Karen suggests that her older brother, Simon, was her mother’s favourite child. Their mother died exactly a year after Simon (then an IDF soldier) was killed in the Lebanon War (1982). The doctors couldn’t determine why their mother died, but Karen believes her death was from a broken heart.

Ashley is implied to be her parent’s favourite. Ashley’s younger brother, Uric, states he was born to protect Ashley (according to their parents), but she spent more time protecting him.

Krista might be her parents’ favourite child. She has a larger collection of expensive gifts and possessions than her older brother, Gur. However, Gur asked their parents to stop buying him birthday presents when they returned from the hospital with a little baby Krista. Gur claimed no present could match his new sister. Their parents continued buying Gur expensive gifts regardless, perhaps as rewards for nurturing and raising little Krista on their behalf…Quite hard for career mercenaries to stop being mercenaries…Warriors aren’t trained to retire ~ The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi.

Out of the twin sisters, Irena and Sari, Irena believes her younger sister was their mother’s favourite. From Irena’s perspective, Sari was gifted all of their mother’s strength and energy during her birth, and their mother died soon after. Hence why Sari is always full of energy and so cheerful. Although Karen proposed Sari’s nature was more likely due to having Irena as her older, protective and loving sister.


Ok, in that case, Alma is probably the favorite “child”. He’s not really Dr. Chen’s child, but one of her creations, so she is sort of a “mother” figure for him. There are two other prototypes, but Alma was the first and is capable of the most, so Dr. Chen favors him more. Alma doesn’t necessarily like being the favorite though, as the expectations set on him are much higher and that puts a lot of pressure on him. Not only that but his “father” figure, Dr. Graves, favors Alma because he was the first prototype and has technological singularity, therefore, he thinks Alma is the source of this phenomena and tears him apart trying to find the secret of how to replicate singularity in other machines. So being the favorite hasn’t worked out so well for Alma.


I try not to do this particular thing with my stories


Would you like to give the bonus question a try or not really?

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It’s a mix. Depends on the type of story, really

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I completely missed this.

Pinti and Tendri are 9 years apart, so there wasn’t ever any favoritism going on. By the time Tendri was 3, Pinti was 12 and already under the apprenticeship of her father. Tendri was being cared for by their mother but not like a favoritism type of way. It was just a way of life.

There were probably some moments where Pinti has to suck it up because she’s so much older and told she should “know better”, but her parents never chose one child over the other.

In a different story with humans and not on Elgana, there’s a family called the Quads. Henry and Valerie are siblings and Valerie is her father’s favorite mostly because she got engaged with a wealthy gentleman. Her mother hates both kids :sweat_smile: She’s not a good mom at all. No one likes Henry because of his supposed incompetence.

Those are the immediate ones I can think of.

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