Paul or Cindy? Who would gain more respect and love?

I may do this too, but I am starting to find humor in this action the more I think about it.

Here’s an example:

Meet Paul, the current ruler of the world and the antagonistic force that our hero Mike has to slay. Paul has done it all, from genocide to countless wars to invading countries, all with his charismatic charm and wicked manipulation. The world is a complete hellhole because of Paul’s reign and many people want to see his reign of terror come to an end. In Paul’s world, only the strong shall survive where the weak are viewed as even less that garbage.

Now, that you met Paul, here is Cindy. Cindy is the first friend that Mike has met and the only person Mike considers a great friend. Cindy has went so far to help Mike and help him grow as a hero. Cindy is the textbook definition of what a real true friend should be. However, we come to learn that Cindy is a selfish and totally heartless person who only got close to Mike to kill him off and see that he doesn’t succeed in his goal.

Yet Cindy is not connected to Paul. She is trying to reach a goal strictly for herself which is to claim the world for her own. Whereas Paul, took over the world for reasons like there was so much injustice that it drove him mad and want to change everything, but ended up going mad with power. Cindy’s reason for wanting to take over the world is simply to live the fast and glamorous life in order to feel like a queen of something.

Paul is tyrannical and oppressive man who killed millions of people to reach a certain goal while Cindy is a heartless, traitorous, and greedy bitch who is only in it for herself.

Tell me, which one of these characters would gain more respect in the fandom and a large fanbase?

The truth is pretty shocking.

NOTE: This tends to happen more than we think. Just my observation to the whole thing.

Sorry, if I am not making sense.