PNG Trading Den

Sometimes I like to randomly make PNGs and sometimes I couldn’t be bothered. I need/want a personal place I can post some of the ones I’ve made for others, (I use DeviantArt, but don’t like posting on there as much. Seems overly complicated to me.) So anyway, if you have PNGs to share, post them here. If not and this thread dies, then that’s fine too.


Not the best, done in literally two seconds, but super easy to touch up if the cover calls for it.


What kind of PNG’s are you looking for exactly? Because that’s just an image file type, it could literally be an image of anything. Are you specifically looking for PNG’s with transparent backgrounds so you can implement them into graphic designs? And if so, are you looking for images of a specific subject? Or just anything we have in our folder that is a PNG file type?


I second this. I have lots of Chinese watercolors that I’m not using for my book that are coincidentally in png format, but that’s probably not what you’re looking for


Sorry, there used to be a ton of these on wattpad. They used to be just a place that we would post graphic type resources, images with transparent backgrounds that can be implemented into graphic designs.

I’m also not looking for anything specifically, you can literally post whatever PNG you want as a resource for other artists that may be looking for something, or get inspiration from your PNG. :slight_smile:

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Not what you’re looking for, but since they’re pngs… some chapter illustrations from the beginning of my book (perhaps inspiration?):

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In that case, I recommend this site for removing backgrounds from images. It works best with images of people or very clear subjects that don’t blend into their background easily.

If you want to see some examples of how well it works, I used it to create these images:

All of the same person / character face claim.

This one I could use to put into a graphic design for a book cover or something similar.

And these ones I just use as emoji in a discord server because I think they are funny.


Aside from that, I also have a collection of random PNG’s with transparent backgrounds that I’ve used before in the past that I can just dump here.

I'm setting them all to 50% size so they don't take up so much space, even under the cut.





film strip





That’s not all of them, but it is most of the more useful/high quality ones that I had saved in my folder that I got for free, that shouldn’t have any copyright claims on them, so they are fine to use.