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really? purple has so much range though. as a secondary colour you should be able to just tweak the undertones to find one that’s good on you.


You’d think, but i really just dont like how any of these shades look with my skin color and hair color. It makes me sad.

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Okay so i um, am writing a “what if” spin off novel to a trilogy of mine. The titles of each book are meant to be kind of pretty, happy, things alomg the positive vibes.

Beauty of a Crimson Soul
Beauty of a Burning Flame
Beauty of a Permanent Love

And for this spinoff, its going dark, the opposite side. So i wanted something more…you know, negative.

And these are the titles im stuck on. Which one sounds the best?which one has you clicking the most, intrigued, etc.?

  • Grave of a Fiery Poison
  • Grave of an Ignited Poison

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Can you help me choose a fitting name for these four characters ?

Character 1: The Hero

  • Ryker Atlas.
  • Keitis Lazuno.

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Character 2: The Sidekick

  • Gisella Ember.
  • Kali Nordi.

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Character 3: The Villain

  • Silas Michel.
  • Krieg von Jackal.

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Character 4: The Princess

  • Relminda Amore.
  • Zalara Ozoth.

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Choose wisely, please!


I was not expecting the K’s to get the most votes especially for Kali. Though that can change later in due time.

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I might just take the names that have the most votes now because I really need to work on this outline and chapter summary.

I am in a bit of a rush! Sorry folks!

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