Post 2 contrasting songs!

Hi. I thought it would be fun for each person to post 2 songs that contrast in some way, and the poster can explain what the songs are and how they contrast. I didn’t come up with this game; I joined a now-inactive thread with this theme, and unsuccessfully started my own. I’m hoping for better luck this time! Anyway, I’ll start and show what I’m looking for. By the way, you can post any song you want.

Can’t Help Myself - Flowers (a.k.a. Icehouse)

This is an upbeat synth-pop and new wave song about romantic feelings. It’s from this group’s first album (back when their name was Flowers instead of Icehouse).

Under the Milky Way - The Church

This is a more downbeat neo-psychedelic song with ambiguous lyrics. It’s from this band’s fifth album.

You don’t have to mention any similarities, but I felt the need to mention that these songs from both from the '80s and both of these groups are Australian.

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Here are three songs with a gradual contrast.

A heavy metal(?) song about the Six Day War.

A lighter rock song about the Yom Kippur War.

And a comical / mocking song about the 1982 / 2006 Lebanon War.

^This could also apply to the current situation on Israel’s northern border.


I’m just saying, if anyone wants to make a heavy metal musical, I’ll be your biggest fan.

This would be be better for my sukeban story.

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Fire and Rain - James Taylor

This song was written by its singer about the troubles in his life. Also, this singer is American.

Nothing Has Been Proved - Dusty Springfield

This song was not written by its singer, and the subject matter is an infamous 1960s British political scandal (it was written for a movie about this scandal). This singer is British.

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Sundown - Gordon Lightfoot

This song was inspired by a relationship the singer had. It was written by the singer.

(Ghost) Riders in the Sky - Outlaws

This song tells a fictional story of ghostly cowboys. It was not written by anyone in this band.

Okay how contrasting are these?

Do I have to expplaing this one? :smiley:

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The obvious contrast is one bald man vs a group of young children with hair.


Distant Shores - Chad & Jeremy

Gentle folk rock song about a past romance.

Me and My Imagination - Sophie Ellis-Bextor

Upbeat dance-pop song about wanting a potential suitor to play hard-to-get.

Moonlight - Grace VanderWaal

Ukelele-prominent pop song from 2017.

That Smell - Lynyrd Skynyrd

Guitar-prominent rock song from 1977.