Hello! So um, just gonna put this out there. Im horrible with pranks and i dont think im generally good with jokes, or revenge or the like. I am asking for help.

So for context, im writing a novel where the MC is from the sea (shes a siren but she wishes she were a mermaid). She left her home in Florida at 11 to go to an academy for sea creatures to learn more about herself. She’s now back home at 18. Her childhood best friend still lives next door.

They were hanging out at the beach, sitting up on a cliff area and then the friend, Dylan, pushed Mia into the water. After she transformed back to human, she asked what he did that for. He said he saw someone, an old bully of hers. Todd. Anywho, Todd spread a rumor about Mia while she was gone, saying that she wanted to see his “pickle” and then forced herself on him. (There are other things he bullied her for when she was around, too.)

Mia gets angry and goes to her friend Natalia to help get revenge on him. Ultimately Mia is still the kind of person who struggles with pranking and revenge, hence why shes going to Natalia. I was wondering what would be a good revenge prank for a situation like this that Natalia could pull off to help Mia.

All help is appreciated.

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Ah…I don’t do a lot of pranks, but my dad was a college football player…and we did do summer camps so I’ve got a list of things that can work or even go bad really fast…and I mean real bad. Oh, and mama delivered balloons.

Pennyjam: hammer in pennies at the latch of the door, once you get the 3rd or 4th in, the person inside is stuck.

Saran wrap their toilet: pull the lid up. Everything that splashes out comes back at them.

Mayo in the cup jock raid, mayo condoms, ketchup/mayo/werchestershire tampon: basically anything that looks like a OSHA violation, strung across their front door.

Stalker calls: anyone who can pull off the same voice bug the ever living daylights out of a specific person, even schedule a call when one of the people is suspected. Then plan a meetup. Could do the same with a catfish.

Deliver "It’s a girl!’ to his parent’s address, complete with pregnant gorilla in a tutu, to his parent’s home, under his name from one ex girlfriend. Have a letter forged from another ex mailed to his parent’s at the same time. Get someone he’s slept with to stage a pregnancy scare, around the same time.

Stage an evacuation for a gas leak.

Det off confetti bombs in his car or house.

Traditional egg and flour on his vehicle.

Get someone to tow his car up enough to block a hydrant. Call the cops (civil service number) on his violation.

If he’s got a small car, pick it up and move it into an impossible situation to get it out of.

Signs in the front yard declaring a showing of the world’s smallest pecker, date and time for when he’d be just getting up for work.

Place a personal add out for selling his washer as “free to a good home” with his real phone line attached to it.

Chronically place orders that are “cash on delivery” to his address.

Find a way to get the Westborogh Baptist Church to protest in his front yard.

Call for chronic gas/sewage/water leaks on his property.

Poo in a bag on his front porch, on top his welcome mat, lit on fire. (He may not stomp it out, expecting dog poop.) Rig a wire to a pack of black cats under the rug so as he watches the poo bag burn, eventually the things go off under his feet.

Embed his window screens with catnip in a feral cat neighborhood.

Dead shrimp shells in anything that can hide what they are like curtain rods.

Make plastic bags of trash into body shapes and put them in his outdoor trash cans when it’s not Halloween. Have a recording of a crying baby attached to it.

Leave mail that claims he’s slept with everyone and their mother in the neighborhood with the neighbors.

Pile snow against his front door.

Place clown masks on sticks and place them at window height all around his home.

Poprocks under the rug on the driver’s side.

Hijack his eelctroncis, make them do spooky shit.

Place baked blowup dolls in lewd positions like they are Christmas decorations.

Decorate the whole driveway in home-molded dildos.

Get an infestation of feeder mice and let them loose in his home.

Set up the whole house for a Hasmat event: tarp and all.

Send random nudes to his boss from a copycat email address.

Splash him with dirty water every time he tries to go for a walk.

Boil his clothes in gelatin.

Rudely dig up the front yard when you have a skeleton’s worth of dog bones.

Set up self-whistling dog whistles on his property.

Low voltage fence rigged wherever it would cause pain, like a cubicle.

As you can see, a lot of these are dangerous…


These are all great :rofl:


Some old pranks…

  • Cling wrap over the porcelain section of a toilet.
  • Boot polish on black toilet seats.
  • Stapling pizza slices to the cardboard box.
  • Writing ink in the car’s wiper fluid container.
  • Fill aircon vents with foam bean bag balls and wait.
  • Mix flour into the laundry powder.
  • Mix cleaning alcohol into the mouth wash.
  • Lemon juice in the aftershave.
  • Hack the company / personal business website to redirect inbound traffic to adult entertainment / fetish websites.
  • Introduce mobile phones and TV remotes to superglue.

I personally consider this one evil, as in “Don’t touch my pizza!”

Could you see delivering it that way, acting as a Uber Eats person?

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