Predictions for what will NOT happen in the upcoming ATLA series

Here are my predicitons for what will almost absoutely never happen, what is highly unlikely, and weird but not impossile things to happen.


  • The main character is based on the epitome of human trash (read: Kaiji Ito)
  • The series will fully shift into the real robot mecha genre
  • The moon is secretly home to a people who are able to bend elements that earthlings cannot, like light itself
  • The Air Nomads take over the world with the power of rock n’ roll music
  • A whole new country will be introduced based on Eastern Europe or Aboriginal Australia. Possibly both.
  • The spirit world and real world converging leads to a loose adaptation of the Shuten Doji.


  • A whole new element, rather than a new bending technique, will be introduced
  • There will be a story arc dedicated to Mahjong Gambling
  • Nuclear energy will be developed, but benders cannot bend nuclear waste
  • There will be a story arc dedicated to conspiracy theories
  • Cold War/Space Race Arc

Anyone have any ideas or expectations that must be fulfilled?

Fans of the series that I know of

I mean they did a lot of allegories with nuclear energy and the mecha stuff in Korra so I wouldn’t be surprised if they did tried to do all that again


I still don’t think the series will completely shift into being an atomic age mecha series, that’s waaaay too far from what the conceit of the series is.

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That’s totally fair. They would have to stoop to a whole new level of wtf to go there


Hahaha, this is pretty solid.

This would be cool.

Things that won’t happen:

It will be set in modern times.
Bending will become extinct.
Katara rises from the grave riding a wave while eating seal-jerky
The “Big Bad” will be an AI.
Space pirates.

Things that may happen but probably not:

Political intrigue, specifically centered around Ba Sing Se.
The protagonist will be a no-nothing street urchin with a pension for pick-pocket.
The “Big Bad” will be someone’s mom (probably will be someone’s dad).
The mentor is basically Yoda/Boomi.
Edit to add: The avatar’s spirt animal is a turtle-bear or a badger-mole.


Cyberpunk Avatar seems super risky but very intriguing. I’ll put it in “Possible but Unlikely”


Interesting take XD - I love the OG series and started getting annoyed with the second partway though because of the direction it started to take, but the third one does interest me, so I’m excited. I don’t think there would be… Hmm… twin avatars would be cool, but I don’t think it’d happen XD.

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From what I understand, the upcoming avatar looks like he will have employment

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I do hope that they make it more adventure-themed than Korra. With the enmeshment of the spirit world and regular world there’s so much more to explore, plus I’d love to see the state of other nations. I was very “ish” about Korra, despite it having some cool ideas and elements (no pun intended), and I think that had a lot to do with the world feeling unexplored save for a couple key places (though, admittedly, I only ever finished the series once when it first came out, so possibly I’m remembering wrong? Never really liked it. First season was good, but second-season was a drop-off point for me. Too much eye-rolling romance plots for me to enjoy. Hope they deviate away from that, tbh.)

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I did mention the Shuten Doji in my “Absolutely Impossible” category but maybe there will be an arc where the avatar plays mahjong against Ko the Face Stealer.

What is happening with ATLA?

Are you referring to the Netflix series or something else?

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New Avatar got leaked semi-recently.

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For what?

Live action or animation?

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Animated series, yes

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Oh, wow!
That is interesting!

I wonder, what they plan on doing this time?

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Bringing back Ko the Face Stealer would be a pro-gamer move ngl.

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