Premade Covers for Claim

I was testing out GIMP again because it had been years since I tried it. I decided I’m not that big a fan of it, but made this cover. If anyone would like it, they can! just let me know.

EDIT: I made another one, just to make sure I tested every feature. Hopefully in a few months I can get photoshop again.

All I ask (since this did take me SEVERAL hours on a laptop with no mouse) is for a follow and comment on my work, Odyssey of Hades.

To claim, just respond! It’s first come first serve.


Ooh I love how you did the text! It looks gorgeous!

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Thank you! Just to clear things up, were you wanting to claim it?

No problem! And nope :smiley: I don’t have a story that fits it, unfortunately.

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Absolutely lovely. I have no need for this cover but hopefully it will get a good home real soon!

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