Printing Websites?

Hi, I hope this is in the right category. I have multiple graphics I’m looking to print in bulk, such as: bookmarks, business cards, character cards, and book scene prints. I’m looking for a website that doesnt charge an arm and a leg for shipping.

I have a general idea of how much my prints will cost me combined but I don’t want the shipping to cost just as much. I don’t have that kind of money.

I’ve tried Uprinting and Got Print. Neither are viable options because they are crazy expensive for shipping.

I’m honestly open to anything that saves me money on shipping and allows me to print in bulk.

I appreciate any options.

i’m not sure where you’re based, but the international ones i know of are:

  • avery
  • vistaprint
  • moo
  • catprint
  • print place (this one i can’t vouch for. i haven’t used them before, but they came up when i googled for bookmark printing)
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Vistaprint is really good for business cards!!

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@kimunkur @PaperThinSkin14 I have heard of vsitaprint. I’m just curious, how is their shipping? The 2 print sites I tried are like $50+ for shipping and that’s too much.

i think it depends on where you are, and how much your order costs in general and which type of shipping method you choose. but i think the highest is $35 (basing off the US site) and lowest is just under $6


That’s actually affordable. :sob: Thank you.

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