Procrastination and Coding (Lab)

hkhkhkh good luck, it took me a day and a half i think? nope maybe just a day lmaooo

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Welp, fail #36547
Nope, success! Have fun figuring it out

Could you make a cover I have requested for in a separate request thread? :pleading_face:


Cool Clouds


Pastebin Link: :cloud:

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uwu i saw it and i hv no idea what a manip cover is lmaaooo



oof the . lmaaoo

Manips alter and manipulate the photo source (often a screencap or promo picture) in such a way that it shows something different than it did before.

Copy paste. Hope this helps

@Loveisfake817 mind explaining what a manip cover is o.O

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oh so like effects, make it clearer, change the hair, etc.?

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Oh, I know how to but they take longer. Also, I didn’t tag properly o not bother you lol.

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Make it more edited if that makes sense

i wasnt doing anyth LMAOOO

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I tagged you :slight_smile:

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oOHH okay okay okay i kINDa get it

and i’m pretty sure i would suck at it cause i do more simple covers lmaoo

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I know. I also saw the thread about 15 mins ago

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Same with me. I am great at simplistic ones but manips aren’t for me XD

Oh :laughing:

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I rarely do manips…my tools are basic and it takes time. Also, DR. MIKEEEEE

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