Project Frostsong will start very soon, like in a day or two.

I am going to go with Frostsong, but I shall start either tomorrow or two days from now. I’ve decided to make three changes for the story.

  1. The story will take place in a winter continent NOT during a worldwide apocalyptic blizzard.

  2. The witch’s curse has only spread to a few nations in the winter continent that have turned the nations into eldritch locations with monstrous entities and more.

  3. The ice witch isn’t a female, but rather a gender less person with a slight feminine appearance.

That is all I got. I am going to finish up Project Succession, but start Project Frostsong in a day or two.

Thoughts and feelings?



Frostsong is going to be a survival action adventure with SOME horror elements and more mystery.

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