“Publishing Push” UK company

I know this is a long-shot as Publishing Push is a UK company, but is anyone aware of them or have any experience with them?

They are a self-publishing company that help you publish your book (edit, proofread, print, design the cover (with limitless changes), distribute globally, market) but you keep the royalties and ownership. Both paperback and ebook. 2x ISBNs. And they will print your book forever as long as you get orders.

All this for a one-off payment.

I didn’t have any aspirations to publish (self or otherwise) but stumbled across this and it seemed too good/easy to be true. What’s in it for them apart from the one-off payment at the beginning?

Does anything seem dodgy about this? They are a registered company and get good reviews.

Link to website

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Are you implying that they are a vanity publisher?

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Go here, maybe you can contact her

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Not really implying anything - just that it seems like they would want/need to get more out of it and so perhaps I’m missing something…

Edit - thanks for the link. I’ll take a look.

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You can contact Victoria to look into it for you.

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I’ve never heard of them. I don’t know how reputable they are. I don’t see any prices on the site so I’m guessing they give you custom estimates.

If it’s just a place that will hook you up with editors, or do some grunge work to publish your book, it could be legitimate. As long as the service they offer is worth the payment.

But if it’s a vanity publisher, stay away. Those ask you to pay to publish and then do nothing to promote your book.

Before you give anyone money, get a clear list of exactly what things they’ll do for you.

But do be aware that you can get an editor/graphic designer without a middle man. You can find people to handle promotion for you without paying a finder’s fee just to get in touch with them. But it is convenient to have it all in one place. It would take more work from you to find and vet all the help/experts that can help you. So whatever you’d spend on this service would have to equal that convenience: how much is your time worth?


Thanks so much for the advice. They do include everything I’d want (including marketing which is the bit I’d hate despite working in marketing) and they gave me a ballpark price which is an amount I’d be willing to pay. I write as a hobby, but if I could just pay someone to get my favourite book published, that would be cool.