What NON FANTASY, non sci-fi things do you like to read about? Topics? Genres? Etc

Curious to know.


Heh… :thinking:

Like what do you mean by things of non-fantasy or non-science-fiction? Are you mentioning other genres that don’t fall into those categories?

Or something nonfiction related?

EDIT: I suppose I find ancient historical events interesting and anything relating to the cosmos.

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I like literary fiction in ANY genre, really…meaning that I like every genre as long as it’s deep. I’d love to see more stuff that’s usually kinda shallow done in a more profound, layered form, like romance or even westerns. Are you thinking of starting a new book? Is that what this thread is about?


Yes that’s what I mean.

That as well.

Fair enough. Astrology?


Westerns? Yes please anything but the John Wayne, or sexy hot blond cowboy stories. :joy:

I might be. Why? :wink:


Nah. Like how the universe came to be and what is truly out there beyond our solar system and galaxy.

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Oh yes. I like space too.

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Waaaah! What’s wrong with sexy hot blond cowboys? (>‿◠):v:

But like I always say–and yanno, everyone else says too–you should write whatever you want to see more of. You should write a book about whatever you’d love to read right now. I’m not sure what I want to read at the moment. I just finished Eileen and gave it five stars on Goodreads. Unhinged women are the bomb! But I’m kinda unhinged womened out at the moment. I have no idea what to read next. (♯^.^ღ)

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Horror! :hocho:

i also like psychology and medical diagnostics.


Nothing but that stereotype is boring, lol.

Honestly? I want to write something that;s interesting and doesn’t bow to the ‘woke narrative’ to the ‘anti woke narrative’ and is multi-faceted and doesn’t take one side. You can think about the ending yourself, and come to your own conclusion about the characters, and they aren’t good or bad.

Unhinged women are bombs. :flushed: Ticking time bombs! (Same with men, btw too lol).

Not a surprise there at all :wink:

Of course you do :wink: That’s good though. You know what you like.

What about true crime?

  • Military history and fiction (from World War Two to today)
  • Military technology, especially aviation
  • Travel accounts and famous journeys
  • The histories and cultures of nations / communities of interest
  • Business and Finance
  • Fine art and photography…and manga / manga artists…
  • Favourite / famous car manufactures
  • Scale model building and related hobbies
  • Computer technology and computer games
  • Wooden sail boats and wood crafting
  • Human psychology and leadership / group dynamics
  • A recent addition: accounts of fostering and adoption (story research)
  • Gay stuff
  • Class conflict
  • City life
  • History

The life of a working-class man driven to prostitution in Victorian era London?

You know… the wokiest woke stuff.

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i’m very predictable ¯_(ツ)_/¯

nah, i never got into it. and a lot of true crime media comes across as very exploitative of the victims. especially when it comes to things like vloggers using it for their newest mukbang discussion, or directors turning it into their Next Big Hit.

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Nice. I was watching a documentary about WW2 yesterday (mostly Hilter’s [not sure if the word is censored, occasionally it is] dictatorship and what happened at the end, and the thankful demise of him).

Current business events?

Cool, I’ve never met anyone who is into wood crafting/sailboats. Do you do much wood crafting?

Not shocked at all :wink: :flushed:

Are you into undiscovered history more than mainstream history or just history you find interesting?

Yes lol. :stuck_out_tongue:

Fair enough. With TV shows, yeah cough Dahmer cough. If things are reported properly and respectfully, and accurately it’s alright. But mukbang topics? Nah. No.

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Well I’m not keen on WW2 novels. There’s a weird romanticisation that comes w it. Not that I’m completely against WW2 novels. I read Great Circle last year, which was about a female pilot in the war, and thought it was fantastic. Will I still read Atonement? Probably.

I guess it’s interest. Could be anything tho. I’ve been itching to read The Books of Jacob which is set in Polish-Jewish-European history, and Like a Sword Wound set in Ottoman-Turkish history.

I really like spec fic but I also like prehistoric animals. Especially dinosaurs.

So if you could write a story about dinosaurs doing human things, I’d read it.

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Hot Pterodactyl Boyfriend by Alan Cumyn

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Think more like if someone made Pride and Predejuice with two different herds of triceratops.

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  1. ‘Failed Arts student with a record-setting inferiority complex’ might be a suitable alternative title…At least its the most charitable description I can conjure for that ill-shaven twat…
  2. More like recent or popular business and finance strategy / philosophies, no so much on single events.
  3. I don’t have the tools, timber, space, or skills for woodworking. But I am fond of the various crafting techniques, and the end results…And wooden sailing ships are more visually pleasing (and provide a better experience) than steel / fiberglass motor boats (floating gin palaces)…Oh, one of the best fighter / strike / recon aircraft produced during the Second War was made of wood. The DH Mosquito.