Quick Question pertaining to YouTube....

The question (possibly stupid too): Do you have to be constantly moving in writing vlogs?

I ask this because in the writing vlogs of others, they are doing so many things in and outside their home along with talking or just talking.

I don’t have the luxury of driving to the library or a nice cozy coffee shop because a coffee shop like that requires a car while the closest library to me is in walking distance, but if I am carrying a heavy bag, I might as well drive there instead of walk.

I normally write in my room, but if I have to go in the kitchen or living to write or even my bed, I can do that. I just can’t drive or walk to certain places.

Also another question: Nowadays, would anyone want to see a WriterTube channel where the WriterTuber takes the StudyTube vlog approach?

There will be some light music and to go with the video (if I can pull it off and not get it copyrighted). But I am not showing my face or saying anything.

There will be subtitles at the bottom of the screen and I will also be doing other things besides writing too.

I got choices:

  1. I can watch anime and read manga or webtoons.
  2. Take a walk around my neighborhood.
  3. Write my stories in other parts of my home.

Then I will go back to writing. I am really trying not to bored these people on YouTube. Boring someone or doing something they won’t like on YouTube can get you ignored or ridiculed severely.

But I am limited and it isn’t like I can just do the fancy stuff the others do.

What are your thoughts?

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I don’t watch a lot of vlogs but I think that you don’t have to be constantly moving around to keep the viewer engaged.


Ah, I see.

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Also, also, does your age define you far as what type of YouTube channel/videos you have?

For example: Will ANYONE watch videos of a person in their thirties doing writing vlogs that are very similar to those studying vlogs where the person doesn’t reveal themselves or talk, but still have the audience engaged?

I am just curious.

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I watch an over 30s YouTuber be loud and silly opening mystery boxes :stuck_out_tongue: I also watch 40 - 50 min commentary video essays where people are just sitting down and talking. Some of the ones I’ve recently come across don’t even show their faces and it’s fine, because I’ll be illustrating or playing a game.

You just gotta try and see.

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Don’t do fancy things. Personally, these days, I really don’t like YouTube people trying to best each other going to this place or that place and doing all these things. Who realistically has time to do all those things?

And who realistically has the money to do those things? Only the richtubers.

Also, personally, I get motion sickness with walking around vlogs and driving around vlogs. I would rather the person be sitting or standing or putting the camera somewhere and then they can walk around without it.


No, you don’t. I think for many who do stuff constantly (like what you’ll typically see with Kate Cavanaugh) is just to make the content extra exciting to spruce it up since sometimes it can be boring to just sit and write. But not every AuthorTuber follows what Kate does—I have seen some who do just sit and write, but they can get up and do things around the house (cleaning, cooking, getting a drink, etc.) or just writing and then turn and talk kind of thing.


You can definitely do a mixture of these while you’re doing a writing vlog. When Alexa Donne has posted her writing retreat videos, she’ll sometimes do some reading, some relaxing, some writing, some exploring or whatnot. I’ve also noticed this in Kate’s and a few other writing vlogs.


To be fair, if you work full-time and do YouTube, etc. part-time (or whenever in your free time), it can be done during your weekend or vacation times. If I wasn’t so nervous filming around my sisters, I’d definitely use my weekends to go to bookstores, libraries, cafes, etc. to write. :sweat_smile:

Lol. :rofl:

And also, to be fair, you can do this once every so often. Truthfully, I go to my cafe once or twice a week or so, sometimes more depending, but I’ve gotten free drinks before. My sister’s boss (he’s a pastor at a church lol) gave free gift cards to everyone at my cafe this last Friday, so I went again on Saturday lol. They also do free punch cards where if you order ten drinks, you can get a free medium drink. I have one that I’m saving. And then my sister gave me a free drink token (you can purchase them, I think) for helping her this past weekend at her work… which I am also gonna save lol.

So, it’s possible to do it if you have good cafes in your area. If there’s a library in your area, you can also go there too, and it’s free to sit and hang out. The only money you’ll need to get there, and that’s depending on transportation needs.

Doing these things a lot though would be different because always going out to cafes, or always going somewhere that requires money, definitely adds up.


If you have ever seen study vlogs where the person doesn’t show their face and uses subtitles to talk while they study and do other things, I want to try that, but with writing my stories.

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That’d be interesting!

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I know. I just want to know if anyone is willing to give videos like that a chance because it is different than the standard authortube vlogs.


I also understand that not everyone enjoys change as much as others on YouTube, even when it isn’t that bad.

But even the people who wouldn’t mind a bit of change are always secretly preferring the same thing. If that makes sense.

Human are so damn weird in that aspect.

Anyone else?

Another question far as the video taking part:

Since I lack a camera to make videos and will have no choice but to use my phone to take videos, I want to know what tools for vlogging will help me greatly in the somewhat long run?

I lack money, but I don’t have the luxury to purchase a tripod for phones or anything while I record videos.

Another thing is that holding phone while I write and do other things is NOT EASY. I can’t multitask or have that skill.

Any advice, @NotARussianBot, @AMMeyers, and @TheTigerWriter?

You can get really cheap tripods. You don’t have to get something that’s hundreds of dollars.

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The minimal you need is a stand that holds the phone.

You don’t need those ring lights.
You don’t need any fancy zooming feature or whatnot.

Just get an iphone stand.

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I have an android phone though.

I didn’t even know there was such a thing as StudyTube, and you didn’t provide any links, but you must have some particular videos in mind. So check the number of views underneath the videos. Do those videos get a lot of viewers and upvotes? Are they popular? If so, then there’s no reason you couldn’t get popular doing the same thing, and you might make some money doing it, too. Good luck with it! ( ˆ◡ˆ)۶ ٩(˘◡˘ )

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Yeah, just type in the words “studytube” in the YouTube search thing.

It differs from channel to channel. Most of it is people in high school or college studying for hours or doing study vlogs where they study and have the audience get immersed into their daily lives.

That is the concept I was going for with authortube.
I am a bit surprised you never heard of it. I suppose it is meant for people who are into things like that.


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Well, I was more referring to the types of vlogs where it looks like the person has a full schedule of going places, meeting friends, eating good food all day long. Then still having the time to come home, do mindful stuff and write and read, then eat more good food and have more fun…

You need to either be a full-time YouTuber to be able to do those things, or you need to have a job and live in a place that allows you to do those things. And you also need friends to do those things with :confused:

And that’s certain people. I don’t mean “certain” people like a negative way. Just there are people who can and who can’t :woman_shrugging:

Sure, you could pull it off for free, if you have the time. You still need to have the time to do it. If you have time and you can pull it off for free, that’s great :wink:

I was also coming at it from the perspective of a viewer. Only looking at what I see. All I see is someone with a lot of time and money :sweat_smile: Probably because all the vloggers I’ve watched are big-name YouTubers.

Personally, vlogging is not the type of content I would make. It’s also not what I watch unless the camera is not moving.