Rate the Song Above You

I didn’t come up with this game, but I really like it. The title says all. You rate a song above you, and then post your own song.

A couple of rules:

  • YouTube videos of the songs must be linked.
  • Rate the song from 0-10.
  • Leave an explanation as to why you rated it as such. It doesn’t have to be extremely long and detailed, but preferably there should at least be something you have to say about it.
  • When you reply to someone, press the reply button so the other person can easily be aware of your post and be notified if need be.
  • Put the title of the song and name of the artist in your post, either under or over the video.
  • Please note if your song is rather long (6 minutes and over, specifically).
  • Try not to post the same song more than once, either yours or someone else’s (it’s more acceptable if you post a different version of the same song, such as a cover or remix).

I’ll start us off.

Makeba - Jain