Recovery Scenes...

In almost every story I write, my main character lands themselves at LEAST once in a hospital (usually in an induced or accident driven coma)… I attribute this penchant to my early years poring over Medical Encyclopedias and watching shows such as Emergency (a 1970’s show about Los Angeles Firefighters right around the time when Ambulances and trained Paramedics became a regular occurrence - think a really early version of the 9-1-1 TV Shows). For some reason I’m drawn to the drama of “will they or won’t they recover from their ailment?”

And every time I do this, I struggle with the recovery scene (IE the moment they revive or come back to the conscious world.) I am currently doing just that… it’s always this tightrope I walk between wanting to get them back to the conscious world, balanced with not rushing things.

I know that in the several instances I have awakened from that blackness to the real world, it hasn’t been spontaneous! (some times a full day elapses…) BUT I’ve never done a long term coma-style recovery either. I can just remember peeling my eyes open and seeing the recovery room, and realizing my last memory was of the pre-surgery room.

This particular character has now been out of the conscious world for going on six or seven chapter, but it still feels almost too early to wake him up. I know this is ridiculous, being that that amount of chapters has been going on two to three weeks of this character being in a coma…

Anyway, just rambling… :stuck_out_tongue:

#Writerproblems AHAHAH…


I need to go and get a new pair of eyes after seeing Trunks and Mr. Popo fused. I need a recovery scene of my own.


I don’t know who either of those characters are truth-be-told.


Some people are VERY aware of their surroundings while unconscious.

There’s a part of the brain that clearly does recreation on memories, placing you outside the memory, so you watch yourself do what you should remember doing yourself. I don’t know if that is in play (in too-young kids, most common), or if the spirit knows the layout of the room while it can’t control the body. Who knows? So, there’s plenty to dig around in, while someone isn’t awake.

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They come from Dragon Ball Z, an anime series.

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The Sayians are a take off the Monkey King, to some degree…

But there are some racial undertones that they mock, such as bringing Hitler back from the dead to call them the thing he’s been striving for and Trunks (a half Saiyan as a child) didn’t like him, so they got rid of him. . Mr Popo looks like someone crossed a genie with caricature blackface . And just saying this, it all sounds like something that everyone wants to cancel, but you’re talking about one of the strongest characters, which gets almost absolute respect from the rest, in-show, so people are divided on how to take it.

But the mental image I’m getting is Aryan Blackface , which I could do without.

spoilers just because this stuff can be triggering for people…


It looks like a sleep paralysis demon.

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That’s better than I was expecting. I was expecting new outraged cries.


Do you really think so little of me? I can show you the picture if you dare.


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Don’t worry, I have the Super Dragonballs here to revive you!


Yes, and Michael is definitely aware of his, he just can’t act on anything…