Regarding Individuals Affiliated with Writing Sites/Other Communities

Greetings Wacky Writers!

I have had this question asked of me several times by various users, and I feel it’s important I make a public statement about it.

Are ex/current ambassadors/moderators/Stars allowed/welcome to join Wacky Writers?

The short answer is absolutely, 100% yes.

Wacky does not discriminate, judge, or exclude any individual for their affiliation, involvement, or roles past or present with any writing sites or previous forums. Anyone who joins this forum is expected to abide by but is also protected by our Code of Conduct.

We do not allow bullying or harassment of any kind here, regardless of who the individual is or what their historical roles with other communities may or may not have been.

I know there were/are some negative feelings toward, in particular, Wattpad-affiliated individuals in the past; however, I want it to be very clear that if those persons want to join Wacky, they would not only be welcome to do so, but any indication of harassment or callouts of Wattpad-affiliated individuals by existing Wacky users because of their affiliation will result in an official warning and/or ban of the user doing the harassing.

We do not tolerate harassment, discrimination, bigotry, racism, sexism or any other “-ism”, and that applies to all who sign up to use the Wacky forum, regardless of historical events. If you have any questions about this policy, I’m happy to provide clarification.

-CJ :wackywriters: