Regarding Wattpad

I’ll get right to it.

The moderators and I have been exceptionally lenient on our rule about bashing writing sites, specifically allowing multiple complaint threads about Wattpad go without penalty.

We believe in the privilege of voicing your opinion. However, these threads have repeatedly become cesspools of toxicity between multiple parties and only lead to arguments, name-calling, and hurt feelings. Therefore, we are going to start cracking down on this rule. We understand Wattpad has its faults, but the same can be said for any entity—including us. We understand many individuals feel their system is unfair, and we are not invalidating that. But we are not Wattpad, and for the sake of the Wacky Writers community, if these threads continue to pop up, we will start penalizing users for them. We will always encourage constructive criticism - but not open hostility.

We are all writers seeking the same goals and we should be supporting each other and encouraging each other to attain those goals, not tearing each other down or attempting to marginalize others’ success. Let’s work together to improve the world—not try to tear it (and each other) down.

-CJ :wackywriters: