Rendering Your First DAZ3D Model

Ok, seriously super quick one because I’ve seen a lot of folks say they’re going to start with Daz3D or whatever. This is as basic and as quick as you can get, but I hope it helps! Tagging @Vintaginity as I think this may help idk

  1. Open Daz3d. Make sure you have some MODELS installed (you can use the basic Genesis8.1 models, but I do not advise it. There are sometimes freebies on the Daz store, or you can google “free Daz assets”/find them on DeviantArt.
  2. Plonk your model in. Doesn’t matter which. I’m using Vix by Mousso here, hair and clothes by Linday.
  3. Pose your model! This bit should be fun, you can buy pose packs or literally DIY them by using sliders in the lower right pane. If you have dForce clothing or hair, now is where to use dForce after posing.
  4. Add in your lighting. I either set my own lights up, or use a few different lighting packs - namely MASY Light Up The Dark, Incandescent Photobox, or Perfect Portraits. I like to have two lights instead of 3.
  5. Add Environment Options node, then go into Render Settings->Environment->DISABLE Ground
  6. Hit render!

Once it’s finished rendering, save it up as a PNG or whatever, and boom - you have a render model that’s ready to go and use on your cover or whatever. My render below is very low resolution with poor quality lighting - yours should look much better.

Get free Daz assets here: Daz 3D
Daz Freebies: List of Free Daz3d Content [2022] -

Bonus tip: Animals

Animals can put a H U G E strain on your GPU. If you have the funds, you should consider LAMH if you intend to render very fluffy things. LAMH is not very expensive, but allows you to render out animals very, very quickly. Two very low res renders below of animals I rendered using the LAMH iRay Catalyzer.


Thank you! This is awesome. Hopefully I’ll find some time to try this out today or tomorrow. :slight_smile:

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I’m excited to see what you come up with!