Requesting a fantasy book cover please and three banners!!

Title : The Sword and The Rose
Author name : Kim. G. M

Idea: I want a sword in a middle, with a pretty magenta color scheme for the flowers and background. Would either love white text or a metallic silver–manipulated text ofc.

Inspo for the cover :

Color scheme :

Payment: Whatever you’d prefer !! Open for discussion!

Forgot to ass that the three banners would be following the same color scheme, one for a character named Taran–would love for that one to be moodier and dark. And then for Ilaria, more lighter and whimsical in a way still following the color scheme. And the last one saying Thank you for reading!

Question, would you like Taran to be visually represented by a sword and Ilaria represented by a rose?


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I’m not super fantastic with more complex covers but I gave it a good ol’ college try.

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