Requesting a Fantasy Book Cover, please ♥

Hello there ~ I’m looking for a designer who specializes in Fantasy for my request but anyone is more than welcome to attempt! :grin: :hugs:

I’m requesting one (1) cover, two (2) banners, and one (1) chapter break, please! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Title: To Hum the Tune of A Curse
Subtitle: A Fairy Tale Like No Other
Author name: Deanna Heller-Erskin
Graphic type: 1 cover and 2 banners, please
Idea: A light-skinned girl (either red, blond, or strawberry blond hair) as the main focus. I would like her to be wearing a pastel colored gown/dress (as long as it’s not blue lol), a fairytale castle behind her, pinkish skies, music notes, and green smoke behind her (sorta seeping behind her, maybe creepy eyes watching her (trees with eyes, maybe?)
Banner ---- Matching the cover, please :heart:
Text for banner 1 - To Hum the Tune of A Curse by Deanna Heller-Erskin
Text for banner 2 - Thank you for reading / Only on Wattpad
Inspo: I have a lot, fair warning lol

Payment offers: I will follow you on (2) accounts (my fanfiction account and my main account), add your story to a public reading list, shoutout via my announcement board, credit in the description, dedicate a chapter to you, and more ~ (I usually go all out with credit, I put links to artist’s stories in my own stories lol). If you wish for something else for payment (as long as it’s not monetary, please let me know!)

Thank you so much!



Added some more information! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

If you don’t mind, I’ll give this a shot. ^^

Awesome! Thank you :heart:

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By the way, what would you like for the chapter break?
( I’m still working on the cover and banners. I should have them finished by end of this week or sometime in early December )

For the chapter break, maybe song notes or anything that resembles vocal notes :smiley: and thank you for the update, it is much appreciated :heart:

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Okay got it! Your welcome as well ^^

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Hello! So I finished the cover ( might leave it and take a look later to see if I want to change anything ) and I was wondering if you could tell me if there is any specific banner size you want for the banners and chapter break.

That’s awesome! I look forward to seeing it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart: as for banner size, I’m not entirely familiar with decent sizes so a bit on the larger more normal size is fine but for the chapter break, something thinner but still wide.

Super sorry if that made no sense lol

Lol. I can understand it to some extent. So I’ll just make the banners and then I can tweak it if it’s too wide or too tall. Also, for the chapter break would you like it to be on a white/black background with the music/vocal notes or would you want a specific background on it?

Great, thank you!

For the chapter break, I don’t really have a preference. But if you choose to make it with a background, just matching the cover is fine.

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Jumping in here for no other reason then to say, oh hey, I know both of you! And @glaciaxon makes beautiful art :wink:


Heyyyy, I know you too!!! :smiley: and that’s what I recently heard from another WackyWriter and saw from their cover shop!!! I’m super ecstatic :heart_decoration:

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Hello! So I couldn’t do the chapter break but I have the cover and two banners. You might want to ask someone ask for the chapter break, I’m not particularly good at it.



If they’re okay then I’ll shoot you a PM, if not feel free to ask for any revisions you’d like for ask from someone else ^^


No worries regarding the chapter break! I absolutely adore these!!! Please, whenever you can, send me a pm :heartbeat:

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I’ll send you one right now! :sparkling_heart:

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Thank you!!! :grin:

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