Resources For Book Cover Drawing on Procreate?

I want to start making book covers on my Ipad but I haven’t found any good sources. I’m already an artist but I’m pretty new to procreate and digital design.


as both an artist (whose main and only art program is procreate atm) and a graphic designer, i don’t really think proc is a good program for graphic design? their text functionality is fine, you can do cool stuff but with far more effort than you would in actual programs dedicated to design among other shortcomings - but i’m saying that with the assumption that you’re making normal graphics and not illustrated covers, because obviously procreate makes sense in that scenario lol. here’s some stuff i think could be useful regardless, tho

grids - probably would be useful 2 utilize
the golden ratio - every kind of designer, regardless of their medium, should be acquainted with this
3D typography tutorial - really cool but also overkill, but you can repurpose what you learn fr other text!
for funsies, some of my favorite brushes that i can remember atm lol: ballpoint pen, painting and smudge brushes, texture brushes (cant fr the life of me remember the other ones i use a lot and im too tired to check my ipad lol)
bonus: found a golden ratio brush set while searching for my fav brushes

hope these help even just a lil bit :] if you have any specific questions about anything, i’m happy to try and help x

(edit: accidentally linked the wrong tab i had open for grids, re-open it if it was something about photoshop)

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For what, specifically? Images to edit? In that case, try Unsplash and Pexels for free stuff. You could also try the resources category on deviantart
But I agree with @korralistic. Procreate is more suited to digital art than design. Which is not to say that you can’t do design in procreate - I started out in Autodesk Sketchbook before I found Photopea, just that it might be harder and you would have to adapt your process quite a bit.

Canva is better for Graphic Design work-and it’s free to use!

If you want to make an illustration in Procreate and use it as a book cover, that would be great. I can find some good graphic design stuff online for you.

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