Rules for Using Markup/BBCode/HTML in these forums

Hello Coding Gurus!

I have good news! We have figured out a way to allow <span> tags in your post code. Yay!

However, with great power comes great responsibility, as they say. We like having nice things. We know you like having nice things. So please familiarize yourself with the following rules for using code in the community forums:

    – Some of you may have already noticed that as of 8/2/2020, if you try and hide text, you get an error saying you have included text that is not allowed. For the safety and well-being of our users, we are disallowing empty posts. These may be used to hide content that violates our Code of Conduct, and therefore are unacceptable in the forums.
    – If we discover anyone circumventing this rule, you will receive an official warning from a mod to edit your content and discontinue the practice. If you continue to do it, we may be forced to take further action, up to and including banning you from the forums. Please don’t make us do this.

    – What we mean by this is using, for example, the padding element to make your posts either obnoxiously long or wide. Using a 5-10px padding to make your code look pretty is fine. Making a box that scrolls indefinitely is not.
    – Users caught misusing these types of elements will be given a warning to remove any posts like this and to discontinue the behavior. If it continues, we may be forced to take additional action, up to and including banning you from the forums. Again, please don’t make us do this.

Keep it pretty, keep it clean. If we see something that disrupts the regular flow of forum conversation, we reserve the right to remove the content, though we will generally PM you and give you the opportunity to fix it first.

That’s it, for now. Thanks for keeping the community awesome looking! Can’t wait to see what you all come up with.