Scenario: The not so final countdown. [Read before commenting]

A set of numbers are visible on your character’s wrist to them and everyone else.

The numbers go up and down as your character get older or as time passes.

However, the numbers are in a set of colors all the same or different colors. Yet the numbers are counting down their death, but rather the people in their life and who they’ll encounter.

These are the colors and what they mean.

White: Mixed feelings/indifferent.
Black: Hatred/Dislike/Feared.
Red: Loved/liked/Cared about.
Yellow: False love.
Blank: Nobody to care about them.

Which of your characters have solid colors, misture of colors, or no colors?

Thoughts and feelings?



I didn’t want to use a real life scenario of this.
That would be either too tragic or too controversial in ways…maybe both.

So, fiction, your stories or the popular work of someone famous.


Colours and numbers… Never thought about this before, but it is very interesting…

However, I have a character with the letter M branded onto the back of their left hand… He was cast out for Murder, he was indeed convicted, and guilty as charged. He openly admitted his charge… But when you hear of his reasons for doing such a thing, you would be hard pressed to otherwise sympathise with him… And you would understand fully of his pain…


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I’m not sure I understand about the numbers and colors. Maybe if you gave an example it would become more clear? Sorry I’m so thick today! (♯^.^ღ)

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The colors and numbers are for how many people in your life and the ones you encounter care about you.

Name a character from your story that would have which colors or blank. It can be a mixture of colors or one color. The numbers increases and decreases over time.

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So, which colors would he have and not have?

He would be considered by others to have Black, but he himself would have considered himself to have Red for his tormented soul, and Green for his inner peace for what he did.


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I really wouldn’t know how to address this. I know that a large chunk of mine would get costume-level makeup and paint over it because they don’t want to know.

Given the number of people who go insane over their numbers online, right now, I don’t think it would lead to a healthy outcome for a character to to know all this.